Bad gut health taking a toll on you? Try this 5 workouts

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Workouts for Gut Health

Everyone experiences digestive health issues at one point in their life. Trying new food, eating an undercooked meal, or ordering food from a restaurant that doesn’t prioritize hygiene can all cause to suffer stomach problems.

Symptoms may vary in intensity. Severe symptoms include unrelenting abdominal pain, vomiting, fever/chills and profuse watery or bloody diarrhea. If one experiences any of these symptoms, they should seek immediate medical attention.

Less intensity symptoms can be relaxed by reliable and dynamic exercise can help manage the weight, work on stomach-related framework, and dispose of poisons from gut. Here are some of the exercises that promote optimal digestive health.

Low-Impact Cardio

Low-intense Cardio
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Engaging in low-impact cardiovascular exercises like swimming or cycling can help reduce inflammation and support overall gut health. Any time of day; aim for 30 minutes of exercise, 3-5 times per week.

Strength Training

Strength Training for gut health
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Incorporating strength training exercises using bodyweight or light weights can help build muscle and support the body’s response to food sensitivities. Any time of day; aim for 2-3 sessions per week, allowing a day of rest in between.

Yoga or Pilates

Yoga or Pilates for food sensitivity
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These mind-body exercises can help reduce stress, improve mood, and support overall mental well-being. Any time of day; practice for at least 15-30 minutes daily or as needed for stress relief.

Walking or Light Jogging

Jogging for Gut Health
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Low-impact exercises like walking or light jogging can promote blood flow to the abdominal area, relieving pain and reducing cramping. Any time of day, aim for at least 30 minutes daily or as often as possible.

Sit-ups or Crunches

Crunches workout
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The go-to exercises when you want to acquire 6-pack abs are sit-ups or crunches, and they can also help boost your digestive health. Making this core workout part of your daily routine four to five times a week means that you will experience less bloating and gas build-up. 

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