About Us

Our Story

GCC Business News is a byproduct of immense vision and determination of its Founder & Current Editor, Mr. Esahaque Eswaramangalam. An established virtual asset trader of the era, EM as he is often called among his beloved’s, foresaw great void and immense business & social potential in establishing an exclusive business news portal for the GCC region as early as 2007.

Subsequently, the business concept of GCC Business News was materialized after registering GCCBusinessNews.Com as a pre-brand virtual asset in 2008. After a decade since its initial acquisition, GCC Business News was launched as a trial web portal platform in January 2018 to carry out extensive market research with user feedback on the product and its possibilities. The Trial, which ran for more than 24 months and was concluded in 2020. After several years of market research and 2 years of a successful trial run, GCC Business News was released as a final version on 1 March 2020, designed and build on the latest web technologies to suit the ever-changing demands of the current TECH AGE.

The Premium Business News Portal

GCC Business News is GCC’s Premium Business News Portal for Business with up to date Industry Updates in the sectors extending but not limiting to;

  • Travel and Tourism,
  • Real Estate,
  • Banking & Finance,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Energy,
  • Transportation,
  • Media & Marketing,
  • Technology,
  • Lifestyle, and
  • Special Business Reports from GCC & around the World.

Promise Statement

GCC Business News is an ensemble of non-partisan market observers and professional commentators. Our versatile team is always committed to sharing the most relevant and up to date news & insights to keep GCC’s existing enterprises safe and sound. It is our job to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth of the GCC region and to embrace sectorial partisans from around the world to the respective countries of the region. We are self-aware to understand that it is our responsibility to guide emerging entrepreneurs, businesses and comfort their growth through our platform.

As a brand of true professionals, every small and big thing in the GCC business world is important to us. We ensure with our almost skill and faith to understand the pulsation of the region and deliver it to our audiences wherever they are, in a professional, swift, and exclusive manner in forms they look forward to. Our commitment to all our audiences is our assurance that every regular reader of GCC Business News will know precisely what the GCC’s business industry pulse is. We are convinced that it is our responsibility as a modern business publication with highly valued operational ethics.

Our Vision

To become a world class business-related news media & publishing company representing GCC Region around the world.

Our Mission

To enable Entrepreneurs, Businessmen & every stakeholder of GCC Business Industry towards growth & success of their endeavors through object-oriented, accurate, innovative and professional business news, insights and updates disseminated through GCCBusinessNews.com

Management Team

Esahaque Eswaramangalam

Founder & Chief Editor


The Parent Company


Rahul Vaimal

Executive Editor

Jamal Panampad

Photo Journalist

Amirtha P S

Desk Reporter

Shilpa Annie Joseph

Desk Reporter

Arya M Nair

Intern Reporter

Our Core Values

  • Editorial integrity is the corner stone of GCC Business News
  • Ethical conduct drives every GCC Business News employee
  • Professionalism matters the most at GCC Business News
  • Everyone on GCC Business News strives towards the elusive goal of Production Excellence
  • Through Constant Innovation, we serve our varied audience with all what they desire in today's digital age.
  • GCC Business News belives in Market Driven approach for all its solutions