Apple launches iCloud Passwords app for Windows to ease login process

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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iCloud Passwords App
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Apple, the American multinational tech company, has launched iCloud for Windows version 12.5, which includes a password manager. The update adds an iCloud Passwords app to the user’s Windows computer to let them manage the passwords stored in the Apple cloud.

The iCloud update for Windows users includes access to new Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions so the user can save and manage passwords in the Safari browser for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and have them auto-filled as password managers by default.

After installing iCloud for Windows version 12.5 on a Windows PC, the iCloud Password app allows users to search through the passwords saved in the Apple Cloud. Users can also add new passwords or delete any existing login information directly from the new app.

Apple has provided instructions for using the new iCloud Passwords app on a Windows PC. The app can be accessed directly from the Start Menu, and the saved passwords can be viewed in the All Passwords list on the left-hand side. By clicking the Plus icon next to the search bar, users can easily add new passwords.

The app also has an important feature that lets to use the iCloud Passwords app on PC after signing into the iCloud for Windows app version 12.5 and passing two-factor authentication. The Apple device where the two-factor authentication code is received also needs to have iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur 11. The Windows computer also needs to have Windows Hello activated.

Apple had previously hinted at the new Windows experience by introducing the iCloud password extension to Google Chrome. In late January, the extension was first discovered on iCloud for Windows version 12. But was pulled out later.

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