Dubai Electronic Security Centre upgrades RZAM cybersecurity app

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Dubai Al Amal Exchange-Effiya Technologies Partnership
Rep. Image | Courtesy: Mo Ismail @ Pexels

The Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), one of the entities under the Digital Dubai umbrella, has announced new features and updates to the RZAM cybersecurity application, which was launched during the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) exhibition in March 2023.

RZAM application is a web browser extension that continually assesses each webpage for malicious content, unsafe browsing addresses, and online phishing sites by quickly scanning website links and promptly flagging them, in order to take the necessary actions, such as sending warnings to users and blocking suspicious sites.

The latest updates enhance the efficiency of the RZAM application in addressing cybersecurity challenges by expanding its user base and making it available on various web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

According to the statement, “DESC prioritizes the continuous update of digital security and safety standards; it forms part of the Center’s consistent efforts to develop unconventional cybersecurity solutions and advance Dubai’s position as a sustainable, safe, and trusted digital city, and a global example of digital transformation.”

Users can also download the application from the Chrome Web Store on their computers, or from the App Store on their iPhones. Moreover, the app supports the Arabic language, further enhancing its effectiveness, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to protect internet users from malicious and real-time phishing sites, ensuring a safe and secure internet experience.

Mr. Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani, Chief Executive of Dubai Electronic Security Center, said that, “We are proud of the efforts made by our talented young Emirati professionals in developing a groundbreaking application like RZAM. These dedicated efforts contribute to the advancement of technological security and reflect our commitment to national innovation, in line with the wise leadership’s vision for developing unconventional solutions to tackle cybersecurity challenges.”

“Our team at the Dubai Electronic Security Center is committed to developing innovative solutions and initiatives to secure Dubai’s digital future and establish a highly reliable cyberspace for the free flow of information. This enhances the emirate’s global leadership in digital and information technology, establishing a strong digital infrastructure for a secure, digital city that serves as a global model. These efforts resonate with Digital Dubai’s vision for the emirate to become a world-class digital city,” Mr. Al Shaibani added.

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