Digital Future: ‘IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023’ Insights

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Hamza Naqshbandi-IDC
Hamza Naqshbandi, IDC's Associate Vice President (Saudi Arabia & Bahrain) - IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit

The IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023 will bring together the region’s foremost IT and telecom leaders, digital government pioneers, digital regulators and authorities, and industry thought leaders.

As the world is eagerly awaiting the IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit, Mr. Hamza Naqshbandi, Associate Vice President of IDC, shared exclusive insights about the Summit.

What theme will this year’s IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit address and what will be the main discussion topics?

The 13th annual edition of the IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit will run under the theme ‘Enabling the Digital Economy’s Leaders’. The event will present exclusive insights from respected industry thought leaders as they discuss the latest trends and strategies shaping digital transformation (DX) in the Kingdom.

The agenda will combine keynote speeches, presentations, and panel discussions covering a variety of critical topics, including sustainability, cloud development, AI, cybersecurity, and strategies for successfully implementing digital transformation.

How do you see the event being beneficial for those who attend?

Spanning two days, the IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2023 will present a unique opportunity for organizations to learn, network, and gain insights into the Kingdom’s latest DX developments. Delegates can expect to leave with a clear understanding of proven best practices and strategies for driving future success.

What is the growth potential for the ICT market in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi market is the largest ICT market in the region and IDC expects ICT spending in the Kingdom to reach $34.5 billion in 2023. The Saudi government has made concerted efforts to attract key multinational corporations in strategic areas of emerging tech and simultaneously stimulate demand for tech products and services among Saudi businesses. Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector strategy has dedicated workstreams aimed at attracting foreign direct investment, increasing localization, and nurturing and supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

What key priorities should Saudi organizations focus on over the next 12 to 18 months?

Over the coming period we expect Saudi organizations to focus on the following digital priorities: first, digitalizing their operations through process automation, reengineering, and productivity improvements; second, delivering insights at scale throughout the organization by building capabilities in data and enterprise intelligence; and third, deriving a larger share of revenues from digital products, services, channels, and platforms.

What are the top three benefits of digital transformation for Saudi organizations?

The top three areas where Saudi organizations have seen the greatest impact from DX are improved customer satisfaction, advocacy, and retention; increased cost efficiencies through the digitalization of operations; and increased value derived from data for improved insights and decision-making.

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