UAE issues heart medicine warning

By Remiz Rahnas, Special Correspondent

Pharmacies have been instructed to stop prescribing the medicine.

In order to minimize any risk, the Ministry of Health and Prevention has acted promptly by issuing a circular calling on all health establishments to stop using a specific batch of heart medicine.

According to Emarat Al Youm, the Health Department of Abu Dhabi examined batch number 9475 and found it falls short of acceptable standards.

This was the conclusion arrived at after conducting the optical particle test by the Abu Dhabi Health department.

Elaborating on the reason for the recall, the department stated that the Dopamine integrated into the patch stimulated the heart, and had a questionable effect on the blood vessels, thereby rendering it unsafe.

Medical establishments and pharmacies have been instructed to stop prescribing the medicine and ensure they return it to the supplier.


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