NBK unveils new services & enhancements on its mobile banking app

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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NBK-KCC sign MoU
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National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has launched a new package of services and enhancements on its mobile banking app.

NBK remains committed to enriching its customers’ digital experience through the NBK Mobile Banking App, by introducing additional services and implementing features and enhancements designed to meet customer preferences and fulfill their needs.

These enhancements empower customers to conveniently and securely conduct electronic transactions anytime, anywhere.

According to the statement, users can now view the remaining monthly transfer limit on the form itself. This makes it easy to the users to know how much they have transferred money during the month and how much is remaining to better manage their accounts and transfers on a monthly basis.

The enhancements also included 3D Shortcuts, offering a faster way for the users to access their favorite services on the App.

In addition to introducing new services, NBK has implemented several enhancements to the NBK Mobile Banking App, further enhancing the electronic experience for its customers. Among these improvements, customers can now easily add the prepaid cards they issue via the NBK Mobile Banking App to their Apple Wallet at the time of issuance.

Commenting on the launch of the new services and enhancements, Mohammad Al-Dakheel, Head of Mobile Banking, Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait, said that, “Our consistent efforts to introduce new features and ongoing enhancements to the NBK Mobile Banking App underscores our dedication to enhancing a banking experience tailored to the genuine needs and aspirations of our customers. This endeavor aligns with our goal of reshaping their lifestyles through a meticulously crafted range of digital services and products, designed with precision and care.”

“Through the NBK Mobile Banking App, we provide a comprehensive banking experience that empowers our customers digitally and provides them with the latest and most advanced banking services,” Al-Dakheel noted.

The services in the NBK Mobile Banking App are Prepaid Cashback Card, Quick Send, Load Account, Update Civil ID by PACI, Product Nickname, Secondary Prepaid Card Ordering, and more.

Through the NBK Mobile Banking App, NBK aims to offer customers a secure platform to conveniently manage their finances at any given moment. This service facilitates a wide range of banking activities, including opening new accounts, monitoring transactions on accounts and credit cards, accessing accumulated NBK Miles and NBK Rewards Program points, settling credit card dues, making payments for electronic bills, updating personal information, and so on.

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