Korean steakhouse Smoki Moto to open on Palm Jumeirah

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Smoki Moto opens on Palm Jumeirah
Rep.Image | Courtesy: Smoki Moto

Smoki Moto, Dubai’s first fully licensed Korean steakhouse, will open its doors on 25th January 2024, on the dazzling Palm Jumeirah.

This new venue promises an unparalleled yet approachable dining experience where the artistry of Seoul meets the sizzle of high-end steaks.

The Concept

Nestled in the heart of Palm West Beach, Smoki Moto beckons diners into a multifaceted space, featuring cutting-edge charcoal grills at each dining table. These state-of-the-art grills, tended to by Smoki Moto’s talented chefs, set the stage for an exciting and interactive dining experience.

Rooted in tradition yet daringly modern, Smoki Moto embraces the traditional Korean essence with a contemporary twist. The restaurant’s name itself reflects this fusion, “Smoki” symbolizing charcoal and grill, and “Moto” representing a bull, the beloved mascot of the Smoki Moto brand.

Interiors & Design

The venue, a blend of sultry and authentic aesthetics, boasts a cool downtown Seoul vibe, with modern artwork, captivating graffiti and nods to Korean pop culture. It caters to all, from a quick casual drink at Smoki Moto’s bar, the perfect place to sample the best of Korea’s highballs and soju-infused cocktails, to a leisurely slow-grilled evening meal with private dining options for larger parties and special events.

The restaurant’s various spaces, including the Butcher Shop on arrival, the lounge, cocktail bar, Korean pancake bar and the main table grill area, collectively create a dynamic and multi-experiential environment. Guests at Smoki Moto can also enjoy the gorgeous West Beach view from the terrace, creating a perfect setting for an unforgettable dining experience, especially during sunset.

Adding a layer of multifaceted entertainment, Smoki Moto offers a unique music direction featuring Nu-Disco, Groove, and Soulful House with Vinyl elements. The outdoor bar vibe, complemented by the eclectic music, becomes a key pillar of the Smoki Moto experience. Open till 2 am on weekends, the venue transforms into The Palms go-to spot for late-night funk enthusiasts.

The launch of Smoki Moto signifies a pivotal moment in Dubai’s culinary story. Our vision is to dominate the Korean steakhouse market, captivating patrons with an authentic yet modern approach. At Smoki Moto, we tear up the rule book on tradition and guide you through an unfiltered journey into the chaotic heart of Korean culinary excellence,” said Mr. Sean Sungwook Hong, Assistant General Manager.

The Beverages

A destination for mixology, Smoki Moto’s expertly crafted cocktails and mocktails, will be sure to put it on the map as a must-visit bar when in Dubai. The in-house collection of Soju cocktails are custom to the venue with Smoki Moto formulating their own Soju mixes and innovative beverage concoctions, that cannot to be found anywhere else. A dedicated Soju wall, encourages bar-goers to create standout social content and Golden Hour encourages customers to enjoy drinks on the terrace, watching the sun go down over Dubai’s stunning West Palm waterfront.

The Food

Distinguished from the traditional Korean BBQ experience, Smoki Moto is unmistakably a steakhouse. The Smoki Moto team, comprising eight Korean chefs, takes pride in presenting its world-class ingredients, homemade fermented kimchi, and its expertly crafted Soju cocktails. Meanwhile, the food menu spotlights various cuts of steak, predominantly beef, emphasizing quality and precision in preparation. The concept promotes a sharing style, reminiscent of an Asian family dining experience.

Highlighting the unique cooking methods, Smoki Moto is renowned for its famous dry-aging techniques, including butter dry age, kelp (seaweed), and sugar-cured methods. Its steaks are expertly prepared on bespoke charcoal grills at high temperatures, offering a personalized touch, delivering a distinctive and memorable flavor profile.

Within the comprehensive Butcher Shop menu selection, diners can indulge in Korean-style marinated short ribs, quality grain- and grass-fed beef, as well as dry-aged and Wagyu meat for tabletop grills. The menu extends to include authentic Korean dishes such as tuna gimbap, kimchi pancakes, and bibimbap stone bowls with foie gras and rice, infusing a delightful twist into the steakhouse experience.

Korean soups and stews, including doenjang jjigae and tteokguk, add a rich and diverse flavor, transporting diners to the heart of Korean gastronomy. There’s even the opportunity for guests to indulge in authentic Korean street food at Smoki Moto’s pancake station, adding a delightful twist to the dining experience. Not to alienate vegans or vegetarians, the menu extends a diverse offering and plentiful options no matter your dietary preference.

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