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Casual smokers can become nicotine addict: Study

The researchers at Penn State College of Medicine and Duke University found that occasional smokers can be addicted to cigarettes. The findings of the study...

An avocado a day can keep your gut healthy: Study

The pear-shaped bright green fruit with a huge pit, the tropical fruit avocado is one of the most craved healthy food for its unique...

Winter care: Keep dry eyes at bay with these tips

Dry eyes are a condition in which the eyes are unable to produce enough tears and fails to provide the eyes with enough lubrication. This...

Long hours of earphone usage is damaging your hearing capacity: Experts

Doctors are now seeing more patients complaining of pain, irritation and infection in the ears as professionals continue to work from home and students...

A COVID-19 vaccine can expedite UAE’s economic recovery

The approval of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to be available by the end of 2020, would accelerate the recovery of key sectors...

Is binge eating bothering you? Try these steps to curb your...

We have known individuals bingeing on food long before we binge-watched web series, and the explanations for the latter may be numerous. Trouble expressing emotions,...

Obesity levels dangerously high in Gulf; Warns WOF report

Obesity rates have hit a record high in the Gulf region, a recent study has warned. At least one third of women and one quarter...

Dubai’s Amanat invests $5mn in US-based edutech firm BEGiN

Amanat Holdings, Dubai’s education and healthcare investment company has invested $5 million (Dhs18.4 million) to BEGiN, a US-based educational technology company. The edu-tech company behind...
World Cold Chain Expo 2024

World Cold Chain Expo 2024

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Global Glass Show 2024

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Global Vertical Farming Show 2024

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IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2024