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Saudi Arabia explores agro & food security cooperation with Nigeria

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, Eng. Abdulrahman Alfadley has discussed means of agricultural and food security cooperation with Nigerian Minister of...

Saudi Arabia, Nigeria to set up business council to strengthen trade...

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Nigerian government have agreed to establish a Business Council, which will bring together business leaders from both...

Dress out of plastic waste! Nigerian teen activists create sustainable fashion

A group of teenagers in Lagos, Nigeria's megacity has collected a mass of plastic bottles, food containers, and bags that have blocked the waterway,...

WTO postpones crucial Director-General selection meeting indefinitely

The intergovernmental organization managing global trade relations, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has decided to postpone its upcoming General Council special meeting to decide...

WTO Leadership: Nigeria to repel US rejection against its candidate

Nigeria will lobby for its candidate to head the World Trade Organization (WTO), the country's foreign ministry said in response to the last-minute rejection...
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IAMTN Summit 2024

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