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Global smartphone market set to begin recovery in 2021: TrendForce

The global smartphone market will slowly start to recover in 2021 after a dismal year, predicts global provider of market intelligence on the technology...

Samsung to stop production of high-end Galaxy Note phones: Sources

South Korea-based Samsung Electronics may discontinue its premium Galaxy Note phone next year, sources said, a move that would reflect the sharp drop in...

Samsung beats Huawei to regain top spot among smartphone sellers

According to reports Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, is back on top as the world's biggest smartphone seller 3 months after losing its...

Qualcomm boosts production to make low-cost 5G smartphones possible

The American chipmaker Qualcomm Inc is planning to bring about 750 million 5G smartphones into the market in 2022. Qualcomm is speeding up its production...

Blackberry is set to make a comeback in 2021

A new BlackBerry phone will be launched in 2021. It's going to be 5G-capable and have a physical keyboard. Smartphones from the Canada based company...

Android phones to detect earthquakes: Feature rolled out in California

Google's Android phones can now detect earthquakes around the world and provide data that could potentially give billions of users precious seconds of notice...

New features to Google G-Suite; Know More

Google is upgrading its office software for G Suite users on mobile devices, adding new features to the Slides, Docs and Sheets apps that...

35.6 % of smartphones are expected to have AMOLED screens by...

WitsView research division of TrendForce suggests diminished global production of smartphones due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the market...
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