UAE’s most desired Super Brandable Travel & Tourism Domains are in Open Market

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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.ae Premium Domain Names

What if someone said to you that the ‘ONE’ domain you always aspired about, the one which could transform your business, take your business out of your league and make it world-class was available for you to own? Slightly interested? What if we said that not “TWO” but THREE such unique, ultra-premium, Emirates domain names (virtual assets) were available in the open market?

It would be nothing short of a miracle! But it is true. This is no click-bait, nor this is a joke. Three of the UAE’s most desired ‘ELITE SUPER BRANDABLE’ travel and tourism domain names, MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE are indeed open for sale and YOU could be the one to OWN IT!!

.ae Premium Domain NamesA never-before event

According to the domain owner, never before have THREE extremely precious, highly marketable, short, and emotional virtual addresses in the same industry been available in a sale in the history of domain trading.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Dominate the Marketplace

With not ONE but THREE premium, brandable virtual assets (virtual addresses) at your disposal you can channel MAJOR SHARE of related traffic to your business. Moreover, these three SUPER BRAND-ABLE domain names can be churned out into independent business ventures with their own distinct identity to cater to users with similar but differentiated needs and positioning.

Having THREE separate entities under your leadership mitigates market risk and allows you to dominate the market with diversified brands serving a slightly different clientele, critically improving your chances of profitability.

.ae Premium Domain NamesNow or Never

Brutally hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in the previous years, like any other economy across the globe, UAE’s Travel and Tourism industry is soaring back to life, supported by one of the biggest events in human history, EXPO 2020 DUBAI.

The global mega event is expected to give a boost to all sectors of the UAE economy but nothing comes close to the influence the event will have on the country’s Travel and Tourism industry.

The event is expected to introduce 25 million visitors to the country within a span of just 6 months!! A report by Ernst & Young suggested that Dubai’s economy will surge to about $33.4 billion as the country prepares to host visitors from across the world despite the pandemic.

AE Travel Domain name Auction

With Expo 2020 Dubai acting as a catalyst, the direct contribution of the travel and tourism sector to the UAE’s GDP is expected to be at 31.6 billion, 5.4 percent of the total GDP in 2027. The total contribution (direct and Indirect) contribution by the travel and tourism sector, to the UAE GDP, is expected to touch 72 billion, 12.4 percent of GDP in 2027.

The substantial boost provided by the global event; Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to continue till at least 2031.

ae Premium Domain NamesThe Business Decision

Backed by Expo 2020 Dubai, the UAE Travel and Tourism is about the get the biggest boost in the country’s history. It is obvious that every sensible businessperson would take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Owning MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE not only gives the owner untapped global traffic to their website or portal but also organic regional traffic with a genuine interest in products associated with these domains.

ae Premium Domain NamesYour Advantage over Global Business Giants

With every other global business giant turning its attention to the UAE’s Travel and Tourism market, the segment is going to see one of the fiercest market competitions across the globe.

With billions of dollars to burn for brand building, promotions and competition, global business giants are set to take the biggest market share of the UAE’s travel and tourism sector.

But with highly memorable, short, and emotional domain names, MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE at your disposal would be able to keep your business above 1 billion+ search results on Google.AE within 6 months of building and launching a web portal with these THREE virtual addresses. Over the results of the biggest names in the Travel and Tourism Industry across the globe.

ae Premium Domain Names

An Emotion

Most brandable and valuable domains like MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE bring in a lot of emotions to everyone. These are personal journeys or professional journeys which gave them happiness, hope and at times disappointment and loss.

Perceived Time Of Life (Implicit Age)

Highly recollective and familiar pre-branded virtual assets like MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE carry a perceived ‘time of life’ indirectly influencing the users to assume a corporate age that is much higher than the original. Organizations using these domains would be considered to have a lengthy online presence and history compared to any other relevant domain name.

Universal Name

One of the biggest advantages of this incredible ‘elite super brand’ domain package which includes pre-branded virtual assets, MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE is the universal nature of all the domains in it. ‘Tour’, ‘Trip’ and ‘Travel’ have the same meaning in almost all languages across the globe.

ae Premium Domain NamesAll these Domain Names look the same to Me. What is so Ultra-Premium about them?

The life of a domain name begins in a very interesting way. Most of the domain names across the globe are created in 4 unique ways;

1. Domains created through new Coinage

New domain names are often created when a new word (coinage) is created for a specific purpose. Prime examples are Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. which were created to meet a particular goal in mind. These domain names, due to their unique nature are hard to establish and require enormous financial resources to achieve an authoritative position online.

A handful of domain names created through new coinage such as Uber, Zomato, and PayTM, which were never conceived in human history before, have become enormous success stories in the virtual world as they have turned to be essential parts of our everyday life. Such virtual addresses can easily be protected through trademarks.

2. Domains created out of existing words (priced at $11 million), ($30 million), ($12 million) are a few examples of domain names that are created from existing names or nouns. These as shown with the names, are extremely expensive to own and are often the top-priced domain names ever traded.

While these domains fetch high prices, they have low trademark-ability as they are not unique (generic in nature).

AE Travel Domain name Auction

3. Domains created by mixing an old word with a new Word

Often people try to create unique domain names by combining a word with another word or a noun.,,, and are all examples of these combinations. While these domains satisfy the basic need of the hour, they are mostly un-brandable and have low recall as there are millions of domains using the same noun or word as a suffix (the end name).

Virtual addresses created by mixing old and new words are also highly trademarkable.

4. Domains created by combining two existing Words or Nouns

Most of the ultra-premium domain names fall in this category of domain names which are created by combining two existing well-established, highly recognized words or nouns. While MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE are prime samples for these types of great domain names, other examples include (priced at $49.7 million), ($8.13 million), and ($4 million). These domains are highly memorable, easily recollect-able, and require a fraction of the budget spent on establishing any other brand online.


Why should these Domains be treated as Virtual Assets?

The ultra-premium domain names, MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE are treated as VIRTUAL ASSETS In nature as they have following the following strengths;

  • They are Easy to Recall
  • They are Perfectly Matched to the UAE Travel and Tourism market.
  • They are Pre-Branded virtual assets
  • Their function is Self-Explanatory, saving millions in brand awareness expenses.
  • They are Highly Marketable
  • They have High Clarity of Concept
  • They are Perfectly Readable
  • They have Superior Spell-ability
  • They have Perfect Voice Clarity
  • They contain the Most Searched Keywords in the Travel and Tourism Industry
  • They have 10+ years of Domain Age
  • These domains are combinations of two of the Most Used Words across the globe.

With these superior characteristics, the ‘Elite Super Brand-able’ domain package containing MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE allows its owners to dominate the marketplace.

ae Premium Domain Names

How are these domains valued? Where can I compare?

As described above, domains created out of new coinages (new word usage) and by combining two highly recognizable, generic words or nouns are always in demand and often really expensive.

This thinking can be clearly observed if we glance through the most expensive domain names of all-time list. Apart from single-domains, domains created through combination are the most priced assets on the list.

A list of .AE domain names that are now on sale can be viewed here. Meanwhile, the list of travel-related domains viewable here will give you a fair idea of how much this extremely unique combination of domains is valued.

ae Premium Domain Names

Not just a Virtual Address but a Virtual Asset

With the world today recognizing the intrinsic value of these supremely popular and extremely brandable domain names, they are no longer treated as just domain names. THEY ARE ASSETS THAT APPRECIATE OVER TIME. Just like their physical asset counterparts, namely, LAND, GOLD or any other assets, virtual assets are not just names.

Numerous Financial Technology (fintech) firms in Europe now provide short-term loans, taking premium virtual assets as collateral. Organizations such as Domain Capital, Domain Equity and Lendvo are leaders of this revolutionary change.

AE Travel Domain name Auction

Value of premium .AE Domain Names

With the UAE becoming a technologically advanced, global business hub for investors from across the globe, virtual assets (domain names) with .AE suffix has become one of the most desired and expensive domain names in the domain marketplace.

The recent acquisition of Invest.AE (sold at $75,000.00) and Tv.AE (sold for $95,000.00 in 2015) through, a global domain name and website marketplace are prime examples of .AE domain names fetching lucrative prices in the open market.

Similarly, 7000+ .AE domain names including MarketPlace.AE and Horse.AE has been sold for thousands of dollars.

Presently, high-profile virtual addresses, DubaiProperties.AE and StockExchange.AE are offered to prospective buyers at an offer price of $1,799,000.00 and $150,000.00 respectively.

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How much do I need to pay to own this Unique Domain Package?

This extremely unique domain package comprising of the highly memorable, short and emotional domain names, MyTour.AE, MyTravel.AE and MyTrip.AE can be owned for the extremely completive sale price of just $60,000.00 (Sixty Thousand US Dollars).

.Ae Premium Domain Names Auction

Domain Ownership

These three Pre-Branded virtual assets (domains) are currently owned by a Dubai resident who chooses to remain in anonymity, away from the media spotlight.

Consultfull eMedia & Business Pvt Ltd (Consultfull) has the exclusive rights to sell and transfer these highly coveted domain names on behalf of the owner.

Consultfull eMedia & Business Pvt Ltd

Consultfull eMedia & Business Pvt Ltd (Consultfull) is an eBusiness Architecture & Professional Consulting Services firm which offers customized services to its clientele all over the world.


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