Abu Dhabi’s IDB launches Monitoring and Self-evaluation Program for industries

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Abu Dhabi Industries
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Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) has launched a monitoring and self-evaluation program for Abu Dhabi’s industrial facilities.

The program focuses on all eligible industrial facilities that own production licenses and meet specific technical standards to assist the objective evaluation of situations, errors, and damages using scientific and practical tools.

In addition to guaranteeing the integrity of those facilities’ systems and their compliance through an integrated cycle, the self-evaluation method works on rectifying any limitations by submitting a report to the IDB’s technical team for review and approval.

Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri
Executive Director

“An intensive training program was conducted for the concerned staff in the industrial facilities that meet the standards, as their responsibilities and duties were defined clearly by following up with the results of the monitoring processes and corrective actions. This will ensure consistent accuracy in preparing technical reports in a manner that reflects the actual situation of the industrial facility.”

It will further aid industrial facilities in becoming more aware of environmental, health, and safety regulations, as well as increasing industrial productivity and lowering operational costs in order to increase competitiveness and product quality.

IDB has set 6 key criteria for the industrial sector’s monitoring and self-evaluation programs such as compliance with the terms and requirements of the industrial license, adoption of approved systems for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), installation of emergency systems, adherence to the use and update of the integrated systems for the management of hazardous materials, as well as to have a technical specialized cadre that enjoys sufficient technical experience within the Emirate, for not less than three years, and absence of major violations as a result of the technical audits practiced by the industrial facility to customs exemptions and other related requirements.

The IDB’s technical team has set accurate technical standards for the selection of the industrial facilities that could join the program. The selection will depend on the industrial facility’s compliance with the technical and administrative requirements for the last three years.

The program’s first phase targets to compile a list of 20 industrial facilities that meet the standards, including 18 in Abu Dhabi and two in Al Ain City. As a result, this step helps self-evaluation efforts in terms of compliance with regulations and related processes, as well as encouraging transparency with the private sector.

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