DCO’s Digital Prosperity Awards to foster digital innovation

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Digital Prosperity Awards
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The Digital Cooperation Organization’s (DCO) Digital Prosperity Awards will promote projects and organizations embracing digital innovation, whilst doing good for the local and global community to bridge the digital divide.

DCO is the world’s first standalone international organization focusing on the digital economy. The organization was founded in November 2020 to enable digital prosperity for all by accelerating the inclusive growth of the digital economy.

Public, private, and civil society sector organizations can be nominated for an award that will reward their significant contribution to the digital economy of their country, whilst providing a platform for international support and recognition. Distinguished impartial leaders and innovators will evaluate nominees based on their ability to advance digital inclusion and address regional or global challenges by leveraging digital transformation to enhance conventional economic sectors.

Flagship Awards at Digital Prosperity Awards

DCO Member Prize for Digital Prosperity for All

Winners from non-government DCO member states in each of the five categories will compete for the DCO Member Prize for Digital Prosperity for All.

All five awards are open to companies and individuals within DCO member state countries across various sectors related to DCO’s digital agenda and its associated key areas of collaboration.

DCO International Prize for Digital Prosperity for All

Exclusively open to civil society from any country, the DCO International Prize for Digital Prosperity for All will be awarded to an overall winner from the five categories.

5 Awards at the Digital Prosperity Awards 

Digital Transformation

1. Decision Making: Recognizing effective use of digital platforms for data-driven decision-making with substantial social impact. Decision-making within digital transformation is fundamental for a digitally advancing society. The award recognizes companies that excel in navigating digital transformation complexities through data analytics tools, emerging tech integration, or advanced data platforms that enhance efficiency and encourage data sharing.

2. Cooperation: Celebrating collaborative partnerships driving digital innovation on regional and global scales. Cooperation is pivotal in fostering collaboration and improving stakeholder experiences through creativity and innovation. Awardees showcase successful collaborative endeavors, promoting cooperation and collaborative culture, fueling digital transformation growth.

Digital Innovation

3. Disruptive Technology Solutions: Commending the implementation of disruptive digital technology that enhances services and drives innovative change. Innovations like AI, blockchain, IoT, 5G, VR, and AR have revolutionized the digital landscape, enabling collaboration on impactful projects. This accolade at Digital Prosperity Awards recognizes trailblazers introducing disruptive solutions, and swiftly digitizing the economy while anticipating future needs.

Empowering Society

4. Ethics: Applauding policies or projects leveraging collaboration to provide ethical digital solutions, enhancing trustworthiness. The Ethics award at Digital Prosperity Awards celebrates those ensuring emerging technologies are accessible to all, regardless of demographics, by creating platforms, digital tools, and services that empower users to make informed decisions and safeguard their digital rights.

5. Environment: Honoring collaborative initiatives that accelerate environmental solutions through digital innovations to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Digital transformation profoundly impacts SDG achievement by enabling innovative solutions for a cleaner environment. Participants in this category demonstrate commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship through digital innovation.

Be part of this prestigious recognition by submitting your application for the Digital Prosperity Awards before the deadline on 31st October 2023.

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