Dulsco signs airport ground service agreement with Assured Aviation

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Dulsco_Assured Aviation partnership
Rep.Image | Courtesy: Assured Aviation Services

Dubai-based Dulsco Group, a leader in People Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Talent Solutions, and Energy Recruitment Solutions, has partnered with Assured Aviation Services, a pioneer in providing dry washing services tailored for aircraft and airport ground service equipment.

This collaboration signifies a monumental stride in sustainable aviation services, introducing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional wet washing techniques in the UAE aviation sector.

The aviation industry has long grappled with the labor-intensive and costly nature of traditional wet washing methods. Dulsco, dedicated to sustainability, spearheads change by integrating Assured’s advanced dry washing technology. This innovative solution employs specialized chemicals and state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently eliminate dirt, grease, and debris from aircraft, buses, tugs, and other equipment, ensuring seamless operations and minimal disruption in busy airport environments.

Dry washing boasts several key advantages, including its flexibility to be performed in various locations and its suitability for comprehensive exterior aircraft wash during maintenance downtime, all without the necessity of a dirty water drainage system. This flexibility empowers airlines to maintain the pristine appearance of their aircraft, even during on-line parking.

A study conducted by a UAE-based carrier revealed that dry washing a fleet of 260 aircraft saved over 11 million liters of fresh water in a single year over wet washing. Assured Aviation has saved more than 1.5 million liters of water in less than 20 months through the adoption of the dry wash process.

Furthermore, this technique mitigates the risk of corrosion, prolongs the lifespan of ground equipment, shields paint from sun exposure and ensures enhanced safety for both equipment operators and maintenance personnel by eliminating slippery surfaces.

Antony Marke_Dulsco_Assured Aviation Services partnership
Antony Marke
COO – Dulsco People

“In our pursuit of sustainability, we leave no stone unturned, keeping both the environment and our clients at the forefront of every solution. Our global partnerships strengthen our commitment to excellence, allowing us to enhance our capabilities for our valued clients. As we join hands with Assured Aviation, we are not only promoting sustainable aircraft and airside vehicle maintenance but also championing environmental responsibility in the aviation industry.”

Mr. Matthew Chitty, Director of Assured Aviation Services said that “Embarking on a strategic partnership with Dulsco People, we soar towards a future of excellence in airport services across the UAE. Together, we chart new horizons, where innovation, sustainability, and client-centric solutions converge to redefine the standards of excellence in aviation. This partnership is not just a collaboration, it’s a commitment to elevating the passenger and customer experience while pioneering a sustainable and dynamic future for airport services in the heart of the UAE.”

Beyond significant cost and time savings, dry washing delivers environmental benefits. In contrast to traditional methods that often involve harmful detergents and chemicals, dry washing relies on environmentally friendly cleaning agents, reducing the overall environmental impact of the cleaning process. Crucially, it eliminates the need for water in the cleaning process, addressing concerns in regions facing water scarcity or prioritizing water conservation.

Assured Aviation Services maintains a slew of prestigious accreditations, including ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management, and ISO 27001 Information Security Management (Group Accreditation). Furthermore, the product has received other essential certifications including the AMS 1530C and the Boeing Specification Support Standard BSS7432 from Scientific Material International.

Dulsco People has consistently demonstrated its commitment to serving a diverse array of clients in the aviation sector within the UAE, establishing itself as a market leader. With Assured Aviation’s extensive global clientele, our partnership in the UAE positions us as pioneers in delivering unparalleled aircraft presentation and affiliated services. This highlights its commitment to enhancing the aviation industry’s sustainability, efficiency, and overall customer experience.

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