EROS Group launches its luxury home appliances brand in UAE

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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EROS Group introduces Krome in UAE
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EROS Group, a 56-years reputed organization specializing in the distribution and retail of consumer electronics, has introduced Krome, its first in-house home appliances brand, bringing a touch of economical luxury to the UAE market. 

Krome, a revolutionary line of appliances, seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design aesthetics. With over 56 years of industry expertise, EROS Group leverages its deep understanding of consumer needs to bridge the gap for UAE residents, delivering a brand that resonates with their aspirations and desires.

Krome’s debut lineup includes Refrigerators, Cookers, Water Dispensers, Gas Stoves, and Air Conditioners, each meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of contemporary living. Positioned as a beacon of economical luxury, Krome offers sophistication at an accessible price point, setting new standards in the home appliances sector.

Mohammad Badri_EROS Group introduces Krome in UAE
Mohammad Badri
Director – EROS Group

“Drawing from EROS Group’s extensive 56-year journey in the electronics and home appliances sector, Krome reflects our deep understanding of the preferences and needs of UAE residents. It is a purposeful creation tailored to meet the distinctive requirements and aspirations of our community.”

As Ramadan approaches, Krome emerges as an ideal kitchen solution for individuals hosting iftar parties. The efficiency and contemporary design of Krome appliances align seamlessly with the spirit of Ramadan, providing households with a touch of luxury during this special season.

Krome products are available across EROS stores in the UAE, on its website, on Amazon, and at selected retailers and dealers across the UAE. “Our online platforms provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers to explore and purchase Krome appliances. We are very careful in putting together a very well-curated collection of home appliances that are suited perfectly to match the needs of UAE customers,” added Badri.

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