UAE-based G42 develops new AI Tool ‘BoardNavigator’

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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UAE-based technology group G42 has developed BoardNavigator, an AI board companion set to transform corporate strategy and governance.

The new AI tool, planned to be available to organizations worldwide, will analyze large proprietary and public data sets to support board members in their decision-making processes.

Working closely with Microsoft and built with security in mind on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, BoardNavigator will address the specific needs of individual organizations by using the organization’s own data to ensure privacy, relevancy, and accuracy.

BoardNavigator will be able to process decades of internal business data, and financial information combined with external market trends and indicators which will help navigate the complexities of business resolutions, through superior analytical capabilities. BoardNavigator will enjoy the security, privacy, and compliance features of Microsoft Azure, helping customers with their regulatory obligations.

Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of IHC, said that, “Aiden Insight will provide us with unparalleled data analysis and strategic insights, ensuring that IHC remains at the forefront of industry developments and continues to deliver value to our shareholders.”

“The use of AI in the boardroom is a game changer. We are pleased to be introducing a cutting-edge capability designed to assist business leaders, highlighting the significant role of AI in navigating the complexities and rapid pace of today’s business landscape,” commented Kiril Evtimov, Group Chief Technology Officer of G42.

BoardNavigator will offer high customization opportunities, catering to the diverse needs of boardrooms worldwide. Equipped with real-time data access, it will seamlessly summarize reports, interpret complex charts, analyze market trends, assess risks, simulate alternative investment scenarios, and more. Additionally, plans to incorporate a speech-to-text option in the future will enhance accessibility and user experience.

G42 intends to initially deploy BoardNavigator within sectors where it boasts significant expertise, including energy, health, finance, and technology. Subsequently, it plans to expand the tool’s reach across diverse industries and markets, ensuring widespread applicability and positive impact over time.

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