Google G Suite gets new name, new features

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
Google Workplace
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In a considerable rebranding endeavour, global tech giant Google has revealed that all its package of business tools including email and document editing under its G Suite branding will now be called Google Workspace. 

The firm has been introducing several new features across its offerings to stay in touch with the varied demand for new features its customers had due to the forced isolation and work from home scenarios.

With the new initiative, Google is replacing a global brand setup in 2006 which represented a pre-pandemic work culture and workflow. With the rebranding and new set of powerful features, the company is trying to virtually mimic office routines, such as coffee breaks.


With the new name, Google is also introducing a bit more customized pricing tiers predominantly focusing on units which do not require full-fledged enterprise services.

While the Basic package at $6 per user and Business at $12 per user remains the same under new names Business Starter and Business Standard respectively, the third, new tier Business Plus at $18 per user will offer “more advanced capabilities”, but “do not need the entire enterprise-level offerings.”

Google’s vice president Javier Soltero stated that the new name resonated with a scenario where ” the work isn’t happening in a physical space that’s called an office anymore.”

More features are also expected to be rolled out to consumers who do not pay for Gmail, Google Docs or any other tools.

Google said it that has 2.6 billion accounts, including paid and free ones, that are active each month across those services.