Huawei rolls out latest version of its deep learning AI model, Pangu

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Huawei unveils Pangu 3.0
Rep.Image (Courtesy: QNA)

Huawei Technologies Co., a leading multinational tech company, has unveiled the latest version of its Pangu pre-trained deep learning AI model, Pangu 3.0, at the Huawei Cloud Developer Conference held in Dongguan, south China’s Guangdong Province in China.

The model, developed by the HUAWEI CLOUD team, is the first AI prediction model with higher precision than traditional numerical prediction methods. Pangu derives from ancient Chinese mythology and folklore. Pangu is a mythological character who is related to the creation of the world.

Pangu Model 3.0 consists of a three-tier architecture. The foundation layer, L0, has five different models: natural language processing, multimodal databases, computer vision, prediction and scientific computing. L0 provides various skills to meet the needs of different industry scenarios. The second layer, L1, provides a variety of industry-specific models, focusing on fields such as e-government, finance, manufacturing, mining and meteorology. The third layer, L2, provides multiple scenario-specific models for particular industry applications or business scenarios.

Customers can also train models using their own datasets based on Huawei’s L0 or L1 Pangu layers.

Huawei’s executive director and CEO of Huawei Cloud Zhang Ping’an said that the Pangu series was created to serve industry needs, providing excellent services to customers in various sectors, adding that Pangu’s mission is to help customers effectively utilize and build large-scale models, enabling intelligent upgrades.

First launched in 2021, Huawei’s Pangu series is a family of multiple large AI models that support a variety of natural language processing tasks, including text generation, text classification and conversation systems.

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