LinkedIn rolls out new AI-powered features to assist in job search

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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LinkedIn rolls out new features
Rep. Image | Courtesy: LinkedIn Sales Navigator @ pexels

LinkedIn has announced that it is rolling out several new artificial intelligence (AI) features that will assist users in job search and personalized learning on the platform.

These AI-powered features include a Jobseeker Coach that can hunt the right job for users from a text prompt, a tool to review resumes and applications, a chatbot that can interactively assist in creating cover letters, and help in seeking professional advice. These features are currently being rolled out globally for the Premium users of the platform.

LinkedIn announced a new feature that is grouped under the platform’s AI-powered job experience. Currently, it is only available in English, but the company said that in the future it will add more enhancements based on user feedback.

According to the statement, “The chatbot can search for jobs based on simple text prompts. For instance, users can type, “Find me a job in cybersecurity within my network” or “Find me a job UI/UX designer job in Bengaluru that pays at least Rs. 10 lakh a year,” and the AI will look through its database to bring helpful suggestions. Users can also use it to implement ways to stand out in search results.”

LinkedIn is also adding a tool that can review users’ applications and resumes and help them stand out. The AI will offer constructive feedback and personalized suggestions that can be tailored to specific job posts. Additionally, the tool will also assist in improving the cover letter by offering recommendations that can be manually reviewed and edited.

The platform is also adding a couple of tools to help professionals get advice and learn new skills. Expert advice is a new feature where LinkedIn Premium users can get personalized advice from business leaders and coaches. These AI bots are trained by real experts, the company claimed, as per the statement.

Furthermore, a personalized coaching feature will help users when they take new courses on the platform. They will be able to ask for content summary, clarification on certain topics, or real-time insights and examples. While LinkedIn has started rolling out the feature to users, it may take a few days before these are visible to everyone.

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