Global auto brand Lynk & Co makes grand entry to Qatar

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Lynk & Co Qatar launch

Lynk & Co, the premium global automotive brand, has made its official entry into the Qatari market at GIMS through a collaboration with Auto Class Cars, a subsidiary of the NBK Group.

Auto Class Cars will be the exclusive distributor, overseeing Lynk & Co’s sales and services in Qatar. Auto Class Cars, affiliated with Qatar’s prestigious Nasser Bin Khaled Group, has a track record of success representing renowned brands like Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, MG, and Maxus in Qatar.

Auto Class Cars sees Lynk & Co as seamlessly integrating its distinctive value into the hearts of discerning Qatari consumers, aligning perfectly with the preferences and lifestyles of the younger generation.

In celebrating this strategic partnership, Sheikh Nawaf and Frank Zauner from the NBK Group expressed immense enthusiasm for Lynk & Co’s unique positioning and its deep integration into every aspect of the customer’s driving experience and lifestyle. Notably, Auto Class Cars highlighted how Lynk & Co’s superior product aligns perfectly with the brand’s philosophy of enhancing driving experiences and surpassing industry standards in terms of active safety and technological features.

Sheikh Nawaf and Frank Zauner from the NBK Group said that “We take pride in this partnership and collaboration with Lynk & Co to represent them in Qatar. We are passionately committed to achieving our shared goals and exceeding customer expectations. Our shared values and forward-thinking ambitions make this alliance especially promising.”

During the launch event, the Torch Doha skyline was illuminated with a message, conveying Lynk & Co’s warm greetings to Qatar. This captivating display marked the official arrival of Lynk & Co in Qatar, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to Personal, Open, and Connected values.

Lynk & Co’s unwavering dedication to excellence has earned recognition across various Middle Eastern markets, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman. Now, Qatar joins this list as the brand seeks to provide a holistic consumer experience that extends beyond automobiles.

Looking ahead, Lynk & Co is committed to introducing premium vehicle models into the Qatari market, promoting a customer-centered lifestyle. In collaboration with the NBK Group, Lynk & Co will establish a comprehensive dealership service system and pioneer a lifestyle experience that transcends the automotive world.

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