Metal Park & Galva Hub to create UAE’s largest galvanizing pool in KEZAD

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Metal Park-Galva Hub Partnership
Officials during the signing ceremony.

Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group, the largest operator of integrated and purpose-built economic zones in the UAE, has announced the signing of an agreement between Metal Park and Galva Hub that will usher in a new era of capabilities and efficiency in metal processing industry.

The partnership is poised to create the country’s largest galvanizing pool. The focal point of the venture is the development of an expansive 131 cubic-meter zinc pool.

Metal Park, a 450,000 square meter integrated hub in KEZAD for the metal industry helps lead companies adapt to market demand without infrastructure constraints. Galva Hub is a hot dip galvanizing service provider functioning as one of the metal processing partners in Metal Park.

The project aligns with the vision of both Metal Park and Galva Hub to meet the growing demand of the market while minimizing environmental impact. Once operational, the galvanizing pool is expected to play a pivotal role in catering to diverse industrial needs, from construction to infrastructure development.

Mr. Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO of KEZAD Group, said that, “The collaboration between Metal Park and Galva Hub, and UAE’s largest galvanizing pool in KEZAD as a result of it, reflects the focus on advanced technologies and innovative sustainable practices that KEZAD Group supports and encourages. We look forward to this venture ushering in a new era of capabilities and efficiency in metal processing.”

Mr. Vahid Fouladkar, CEO of Metal Park, stated that, “Our partnership with Galva Hub marks a groundbreaking moment for Metal Park and the entire metal processing industry in the UAE. We’re not just creating the country’s largest galvanizing pool; we’re setting a new benchmark for excellence and innovation. This venture is just the beginning, and we enthusiastically encourage other industry leaders to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we will redefine the possibilities of metal processing and pave the way for a future where efficiency, sustainability, and quality lead the charge.”

“We anticipate becoming the Hub for galvanization excellence. Having the largest galvanizing pool in the UAE, we aim to spark a transformative shift in the metal industry, envisioning a future where innovation and sustainability harmoniously propel us towards positive change,” commented Mr. Shadi Nemeh, CEO of Galva Hub.

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