Nearly half of Saudi consumers shop online once a week; Report

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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US-based global marketing agency and consultancy, Podean revealed that half of  Saudi Arabia’s consumers shop online at least once every week.

According to the research results, about 24 percent of those surveyed shop two to three times a week online, while 11 percent shop every day.

Online shopping has flourished this year as pandemic-related lockdowns have closed stores. Some online retailers fear that the delivery companies will be overcrowded, leading to delays in the delivery of the products until the end of the year.

 Mark Power
Mark Power
CEO – Podean

“The pandemic rapidly accelerated the already fast-growing adoption of online shopping in Saudi Arabia, with consumers that were slow to adopt eCommerce as a way to buy goods forced to embrace this channel whilst under lockdown. We are now seeing brands that were prepared for this rapid shift in consumer behaviour reaping the rewards.”

Slightly ahead of clothes and beauty, electronics top the list of online sales in the Kingdom. Smart speaker ownership is among the highest in the world, at a record 73 percent who already own it or are looking to buy it.

According to research, Amazon is the most popular online retailer in the Kingdom, with 64 percent of shoppers shopping there regularly. Noon is in the second position with 59.7 percent and Jarir is in the third position with 45 percent of the consumer purchase rate.

Recently released surveys from around the world predict a booming span of online shopping between now and Christmas with a survey from Periscope by McKinsey finding that 55 percent of customers are expected to engage in various upcoming online shopping sales.