Saudi’s NuCorp enhances recruitment process with Elevatus’ solutions

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Elevatus_NuCorp partnership

NuCorp, a leading shared services provider within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has partnered with Elevatus, a highly acclaimed global provider of AI-powered recruiting solutions in Saudi, to enhance agility and flexibility in its recruitment processes.

This collaboration has empowered NuCorp to expedite and optimize their recruitment efforts, effortlessly implementing highly configurable recruiting workflows for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

NuCorp is a dynamic and forward-thinking shared services provider operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have a steadfast commitment to comprehending their clients’ needs, tackling vital challenges, and cultivating excellence within the partnerships they forge. Distinguishing themselves with their innovative approach, NuCorp provides an extensive array of indispensable services and solutions, empowering organizations to redirect their focus towards propelling business growth.

Elevatus’ cutting-edge recruiting solutions automate every crucial function necessary to streamline the entire talent acquisition cycle, encompassing job requisition creation to seamless onboarding of new hires. NuCorp is actively harnessing the power of Elevatus’ technology to completely detach recruitment from their centralized database.

Yara Burgan_Elevatus_NuCorp partnership
Yara Burgan
CEO & Founder

“We are thrilled to forge a strategic partnership with NuCorp, allowing them to integrate our cutting-edge recruitment and video interviewing software. This marks a significant milestone in our unwavering mission to revolutionize the global realm of talent acquisition, ushering in a new era where organizations worldwide can redefine their strategies for sourcing, attracting, and securing top-tier talent, while setting an unmatched benchmark for the future of recruitment.”

This strategic partnership empowers NuCorp to independently and efficiently manage their talent acquisition processes, freeing them from reliance on the centralized system. By leveraging Elevatus’ advanced AI-driven features, NuCorp gains the ability to swiftly screen and shortlist thousands of candidates, make data-informed hiring decisions, and attain a heightened level of autonomy in their recruitment operations. This collaboration not only fortifies NuCorp”s talent acquisition capabilities but also underscores their unwavering commitment to driving business growth and delivering exceptional shared services.

By leveraging Elevatus’ user-friendly and scalable recruiting solutions, NuCorp is strategically positioned to attract and onboard exceptional talent, thereby fueling their business growth. This collaboration substantially strengthens NuCorp’s ability to efficiently recruit top-tier candidates, empowering their growth and success in the fiercely competitive market. Together, Elevatus and NuCorp are driving a paradigm shift in recruitment, revolutionizing how organizations hire, assess, and cultivate the workforce of the future.

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