Oman to generate 60% of its electricity from renewable sources; Report

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Renewable Energy
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Oman aims to meet 60 percent of its national energy demands from renewables, such as solar and wind turbines by 2040, as part of its power generation transformation initiatives.

According to the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS) report, locations of infrastructure projects and renewable energy sites including solar farms and onshore or offshore wind farms, with the provision of planned internal and external interconnection networks have already been identified.

In addition, the planning and development of critical energy storage projects will be prioritized to meet preservation goals and improve system stability and flexibility. “This is expected to provide an attractive environment for investors to implement projects with confidence,” as per the report.

The Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS) aims to create a strong foundation for a land-use strategy that would enable balanced, sustainable socio-economic growth at the national and regional levels, in line with the country’s long-term strategy and vision.

The report says, “An efficient infrastructure system is to develop green and innovative infrastructure ensuring that renewable sources of energy generation and supply are at the forefront of all services and that infrastructure networks within urban and rural settlements are available at a realistic and affordable price.”

It intends to enhance the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2025, to produce 10 percent of power from renewable sources. The plans include installed generating capacity from a base of 8,950 megawatts to a plan target of 28,544 megawatts, as per the reports.

While solar capacity from large-scale solar facilities is expected to range from 100 megawatts to 13,400 megawatts, installed energy from offshore wind or installed waste-to-energy capacity is anticipated to range from 50 megawatts to 3,300 megawatts or 1350 megawatts.

Oman provides electricity to 100 percent of its population, 99.3 percent of which use clean energy and technology. “The main projects consist of a wind farm in Dhofar; two solar IPPs in Manah, 11 solar-diesel hybrid facilities, and the ‘Sahim’ initiative to install small-scale solar panels on residential and commercial buildings, among others,” as per the reports.

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