Qiddiya unveils world’s 1st multi-use gaming & esports district

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Qiddiya gaming & esports district
Rep.Image | Courtesy: Qiddiya

The Qiddiya Investment Company has announced the launch of Qiddiya project’s Gaming & Esports District, the first mixed-use gaming and esports district in the world.

With the aim of attracting players from all over the world, the district will cement Saudi Arabia as the global epicenter of this dynamic sector.

The announcement of the Gaming & Esports District is in line with His Royal Highness the Crown Prince commitment towards the gaming and esports sector and supporting the launch of the National Strategy for Gaming and Esports, and many initiatives that would contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s goals in the sector, which attracts the interest from two-thirds of society’s members.

The district is expected to include 4 arenas designed and aligned with the highest standards to host the most prominent global events in the gaming sector throughout the year, with the capacity of the stadium reaching 73,000 seats. One of the venues will have 5,300 seats, making it one of the three largest esports stadiums in the world. It will also have the largest indoor LED screen among all esports areas around the world.

Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood_Qiddiya unveils esports district
Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood
MD – Qiddiya Investment Company

“The gaming and esports sector is one of the fastest growing, and we can see the ambitious plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance it. Our role will be to host major events and tournaments by developing the infrastructure so that Qiddiya City can invite the world to live, learn and compete in gaming and esports. The gaming and esports district in Qiddiya City is not only for esports professionals, but rather for gaming enthusiasts of all levels and ages. This district turns the world of gaming into a tangible reality. This area will be the place where the gaming community feels welcome.”

The district will cover more than 500,000 square meters in area, including 100,000 square meters dedicated to retail, dining and entertainment. It will become the place for gamers from all walks of life to live, work and play, with gaming-themed apartments and hotels.
It will also host up to 25 esports clubs from around the world to live, train and compete.

Leaders from the gaming and esports industry will also be welcomed to Qiddiya City, which will house the regional headquarters of more than 30 leading video game companies.

The district is a core pillar of the National Gaming and Esports Strategy, which aims to make Saudi Arabia, a country where two-thirds of the population are gaming enthusiasts, the center of global gaming and esports by 2030.

The announcement comes just days after the unveiling of a new vision for Qiddiya: a unique concept focused on the power of play. Qiddiya City will offer unrivalled experiences across entertainment, sports, and culture with more attractions to be announced soon.

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