Saudi’s Sabic launches automotive electrification initiative BlueHero

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Sabic, a Saudi chemical manufacturing company, has unveiled BlueHero, an expanding ecosystem of materials, solutions, expertise and programs aimed to help accelerate the energy transition to electric power.

The company’s goal with BlueHero is to support the automotive industry’s efforts to create better, safer and more efficient electric vehicles (EVs), with an emphasis on improving structural battery components with unique flame retardant materials and solution development expertise.

The automotive industry is leading the charge in moving towards new, more sustainable mobility systems. This includes a major shift to battery-powered EVs, which can convert over 77 percent of electricity into movement compared to only 12 to 30 percent for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

In addition to this high performance, EVs also emit no tailpipe pollutants and are typically responsible for significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions during operation, enabling important contributions to meeting global goals on climate change.

Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh
Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh
EVP – Petrochemicals SABIC

“With our strategic BlueHero initiative, we have vigorously committed to invest in, develop and deliver material solutions that can support the transition to electric power, drive down emissions and help address climate change. Our decision to initially focus on automotive reflects the urgency of making progress in that space and the strengths we already have with established materials and capabilities that can allow us to support the shift to electric vehicles and contribute to a low-carbon future. With BlueHero, aligned with our purpose of delivering ‘Chemistry that Matters’ and shaping a more sustainable future, we are bolstering our position to develop and deliver impactful solutions that the industry requires to collectively and heroically move us ever closer to a clean air economy.”

Sabic provides cost-effective and technologically advanced thermoplastics, which can offer significant advantages over conventional materials (metals), to help the automotive industry further enhance the performance of EVs.

The BlueHero electrification initiative also leverages specific knowledge and expertise around large part molding, compression molding, advanced injection molding and polymer flame interaction to help support customers with solutions that can meet critical requirements and enable efficient production.

An integral element of Sabic’s BlueHero ecosystem is its global team of engineers, research fellows and scientists. This team is harnessing its established and growing expertise in design, testing and data generation for EV batteries and related applications to problem solve and overcome current limitations. As part of its work, the team collaborates with customers, development partners and others across the value chain, from OEMs and tiers to tooling suppliers and testing agencies.

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