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Depression & body temperature are linked; Study says

According to a new UC San Francisco research, people suffering from Depression have higher body temperature. Reducing their temperature can have mental health benefits. The...

Urban environmental aspects key to early childhood development: Study

According to new research, air and noise pollution, overcrowding and limited green space are some of the key areas of environmental exposure in early...

Bandages with protein found in milk speeds up wound healing: Study

A new study by UCL researchers has found that the bandages infused with casein, a protein found naturally in cow's milk, greatly increased wound...

Water fast could aid with weight loss, but benefits may not...

According to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, water fasts may help with weight loss, but it's unclear how long it...

Chinese scientists develop novel technology to treat various cancers: study

Chinese scientists have developed a novel technology that could potentially restrain the growth and metastasis of a wide spectrum of solid malignant tumors, according...
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