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Virtual Reality crucial for psychiatry; Studies

As the potential of virtual reality (VR) to treat diseases and phobias such as Alzheimer's and arachnophobia grows, mass adoption will dramatically boost its...

IBM surprises market with higher revenue by Cloud computing

US-based multinational technology company International Business Machines (IBM) reported that it has beat its second-quarter profit estimates, indicating that the firm's cloud storage sector...

Tiktok facing possible ban again for data privacy concerns

Hard days for the TikTok video-sharing app are not coming to an end. Following  India's ban of the app and the US looking at...

No more fake COVID-19 ads; Google to prohibit dangerous ads

In a change that is expected to happen next month, Google has decided to prohibit websites and apps that use its advertising technology from...

Cryptocurrency grew 90% after COVID-19 crash; BuyShares NZ

According to data gathered by New Zealand's BuyShares, the market capitalization of the 3 leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether has grown by 40...

Facebook brings screen sharing to its Messenger app

Social media giant Facebook now allows its Messenger app to share screen on mobile devices, enabling you to share your phone or tablet screen...
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