UAE-based Zulekha Hospital joins with Israel’s Health Plus to foster medical tourism

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Zulekha Hospital
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UAE’s leading healthcare group Zulekha Hospital has entered into a mutual agreement with Israel-based Health Plus to cooperate in the field of medical tourism and to leverage healthcare systems by sharing medical expertise and best practices.

Following the signing of the agreement, Senior Director Administration at Zulekha Hospital Dr. Zia Ur Rahman Shah and Dr. Tatiana Zhelninova, Head of Health Plus the Middle East, stated that the partnership will for the first time allow patients from Israel who are undergoing dialysis to receive treatment in the UAE. 

The program ‘Holiday Dialysis’ enables patients who previously could not travel due to dialysis treatment to visit Dubai once travel restrictions ease and continue their dialysis along with their holidays with quality health treatments. Other health services will include health checks, advanced oncology, neurosurgery, neurology, as well as telemedicine.

Taher Shams
Taher Shams
MD – Zulekha Hospital

“We consider this to be a great collaborative opportunity between two healthcare entities and regions which will further support the socio-economic progress across borders. We are happy to create this joint progressive opportunity for Israeli and UAE healthcare professionals.”

David Berezin, CEO of Health Plus added, “Dubai and Israeli medicine are very well known for their major achievements. When two renowned healthcare service providers become one, then the outcome can only be a commendable one. That is exactly what we aim at.”

Both Zulekha Hospital and Health Plus are supported by their founders’ strong vision to be able to provide affordable, high-quality medical care to patients since the early years. Both groups strongly believe that this partnership will not only be mutually beneficial but will offer a great benefit to both economies and the healthcare sector.

Health Plus

Health Plus is a global health service provider, offering treatment at the most innovative and technologically-advanced medical institutions in the world, staffed with highly-specialized scientists. Since 2008, Health Plus has been an approved representative of Hadassah University Hospital of Jerusalem authorized to refer patients from Cyprus, Russia, Greece and other countries, while over the past year, it has been cooperating with hospitals across Israel as well as distinguished medical institutions in Cyprus, Paris, Greece and now Germany.

Zulekha Hospital 

Founded in 1992, Zulekha Healthcare Group is a frontrunner in UAE’s healthcare sector. The group has multidisciplinary hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah and India as well as UAE medical centers and pharmacies providing specialized services in over 30 disciplines. The group has received several recognitions for its commitment to quality care and sustainable business practices.