UAE’s EDGE adds OryxLabs to its advanced technology portfolio

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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EDGE acquires Etimad Holding
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EDGE, one of the world’s leading advanced technology and defense groups, has acquired OryxLabs, a prominent cybersecurity company based in Abu Dhabi.

OryxLabs provides tailored cybersecurity solutions to safeguard its clients from emerging cyber threats. With a strong focus on advanced research, engineering, and innovation, the company has been entrusted with addressing cybersecurity challenges at scale while delivering exceptional services to its clients.

The acquisition gives EDGE the opportunity to expand its portfolio and provides it with advanced solutions to solve critical pain points in cybersecurity, both locally and internationally.

Mansour AlMulla_EDGE acquires OryxLabs
Mansour AlMulla
EDGE Group

“EDGE Group’s rapid growth and increasing emphasis on creating sovereign capabilities necessitate pursuing opportunities that enhance our capabilities and expand our offerings. Adding OryxLabs into the Group is a logical step, enabling us to elevate our portfolio of advanced technology solutions. OryxLabs’ proven track record and its ability to deliver advanced solutions will provide tangible benefits to EDGE, our clients, and strategic partners. Together, we are well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and offer unparalleled cybersecurity solutions.”

OryxLabs currently employs three proprietary solutions including, Vulncano, used to identify malicious actors or discover weaknesses within an entity’s own environment, Discovery, an external attack surface monitoring platform, and DNS Firewall, which monitors outgoing DNS traffic from an organization’s network and remotely operated computers to ensure existing endpoint devices do not access any malicious website.

Established in 2020, OryxLabs’ strategy focuses on high scalability, rapid innovation, and engineering prowess to address complex cybersecurity issues. The company specializes in crafting modular solutions to cater for the needs of its clients. By leveraging its extensive expertise in Data Science, AI, Security Research, and Big Data, OryxLabs has assembled an exceptional team of software developers who can effectively tackle complex cybersecurity challenges with precision and innovation.

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