UAE’s ROR to create custom-made coffee blends for leading hotels

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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ROR custom-made coffee blend

Emirati-owned coffee leaders, ROR Coffee Roastery (Rate of Rise) will now be creating custom coffee blends for leading hotels in the country.

The coffee visionaries of the Emirates aim to help enhance the specialty coffee experience for guests visiting hotels in UAE. ROR’s distribution of coffee across the UAE stems from their idea of providing the perfect coffee experience through a variety of fragrances, aromas, flavors and tasting notes. Each hotel will be able to adjust its bespoke blends based on its audience preference and a means to extend the brand identity of the hotel to its guests.

Unlike coffees that originate from a single place, coffee blends usually consist of several types of beans originating from more than one place. This could mean different regions, or different divisions of the same farm. ROR was founded in 2017 by Emirati entrepreneur Mr. Omar Al Falasi who envisioned providing the Emirates with the best quality coffee and to take the global specialty coffee experience to an exceptional level. ROR now offers a quality-controlled, sustainable and iconic coffee experience while also creating economic opportunity for coffee growers around the world, and the small businesses that work hard to finesse the coffee drinking experience.

Mr. Omar Al Falasi_ROR coffee partnership with hotels
Mr. Omar Al Falasi
Founder & COO

“It is no doubt that Dubai has become the must-visit spot for a lot of travel enthusiasts. Tourism has been on the rise for a while now and our country has some of the best hotels that offer unmatched luxury services. For the hotel brands that aim to adopt custom blends, the distinctive and consistent flavors of their coffees will be their subtle branding tools.”

“Specialty coffee’s popularity has increased, as per research most guests are rarely satisfied with instant coffee provided in their hotel rooms. With the coffee culture around, this is considered a necessity and not a luxury anymore. At ROR, we drive our passion in sourcing the best coffee and in order to ensure the perfect cup every time, it was time to take our expertise and the proper practices to provide these exclusive, custom blends to various top hotels. Our focus has always been the full coffee experience through quality, flavors, sustainable processes.” Mr. Falasi added.

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