UAE’s Strata signs new contract with MBRSC to produce more parts for MBZ-SAT

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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UAE-based advanced manufacturing facility wholly-owned by Mubadala, Strata Manufacturing has signed a new contract with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) to produce more parts for MBZ-SAT.

MBZ-SAT will be the region’s most advanced commercial satellite in the field of high-resolution satellite imagery.

The signing of this agreement confirms the two entities’ commitment to supporting the growth of the space and manufacturing sectors, as well as to developing and sustaining the UAE’s advanced industrial system.

The company said in a statement that this is in line with the country’s strategy to stimulate and support growth in the local manufacturing sector, innovation, and advanced technology.

Salem Humaid AlMarri
Salem Humaid AlMarri
Director General

“In accordance with the MBRSC’s strategic plan for 2021-2031, we seek to increase the contribution of entities in the space sector to elevate the UAE’s regional and international presence in the industry. The MBRSC is dedicated to supporting national private businesses that will contribute to the growth of the UAE’s space industry. We have entrusted Strata to manufacture both mechanical and flat parts of MBZ-SAT, due to their high-caliber capabilities as manufacturers of a national product. This is consistent with our initiatives at the strengthening of specialized national competencies, the development of high scientific and technical capabilities, the dissemination of a culture of innovation and national pride, and the consolidation of the UAE’s role and position regionally and globally.”

According to the statement, “The 3m x 5m satellite, weighing in at around 700 kg, will improve image capture resolution by more than double what is capable in the previously launched satellites. It will also increase the downlink data transmission speed by three times the current capacity.”

The fully automated image scheduling and processing system of MBZ-SAT will also be able to produce more than 10 times the images the Centre produces currently.

Mr. Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata said that, “The signing of this new agreement between Strata Manufacturing and the MBRSC is an extension of the strategic partnership between the company and the Centre to further the UAE’s space industry. Strata Manufacturing is a global leader in promoting the ‘Made Proudly in the UAE’ brand. Since its inception, Strata has been keen to deliver aircraft parts of the highest global manufacturing quality, reflecting the international position of the country’s industrial sector as an industry leader.”

“The signing of this contract demonstrates the value of collaboration among national industrial companies. In addition to supporting the UAE’s aspirations in the space sector, Strata is pleased to be associated with the MBRSC as a trusted partner and collaborator,” Mr. Ali Abdullah added.

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