Emirates News Agency & TV BRICS strike media cooperation agreement

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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WAM_TV BRICS media cooperation
Rep.Image | Courtesy: TV BRICS

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and BRICS have partnered in the field of information exchange.

Emirates News Agency (WAM), the UAE’s largest agency, and TV BRICS international media network have signed a joint operating agreement. The document was signed by Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director General of WAM, and Janna Tolstikova, CEO of TV BRICS.

The agreements reached will allow the Emirates to receive objective information on the humanitarian and economic activities of the BRICS countries, as well as to broadcast its own topical agenda to the participants and supporters of the interstate association. TV BRICS will adapt media materials from its UAE colleagues into foreign languages and distribute them through its partner network, which includes more than 70 media outlets from 18 countries.

During the signing of the cooperation agreement, Al Rayssi said that, “WAM and TV BRICS are embarking on a rich co-operation and there is a lot that they will be able to do together.” The ceremony was also attended by Ali Yousef Al Saad, Deputy Director General and Director of Communications and International Relations at WAM.

“The United Arab Emirates joined BRICS in 2024, but strong ties with the group were established long before that. WAM’s participation in the information exchange on the TV BRICS platform will contribute to further qualitative integration of the UAE into the association. We view our partners as a reliable source of reliable information about the country, and it is also a high-tech resource that sets trends in the global media industry. We intend to properly broadcast WAM content internationally, including the media space of the global South, to create the right perception of the UAE and the opportunities that BRICS membership brings,” stated Janna Tolstikova.

Today, national media from 18 countries, including Russia, Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Egypt, participate in the international information exchange on the TV BRICS platform. In 2024, the group of partners includes media from Iran, Chile and the UAE.

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