Weyay Bank launches 2 digital banking features for children in Kuwait

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Weyay Bank launches 2 features for children

Weyay Bank by the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has launched two innovative additions to its acclaimed Jeel feature, aimed at revolutionizing digital banking for children aged 8 to 14 across Kuwait.

With the introduction of “Direct Money Request” and “Request Money Link,” Weyay Bank sets a new benchmark in digital banking tailored to the needs of young users and their families.

Direct Money Request empowers young users to seamlessly send money requests from their own app directly to the app of their parent, enabling swift replenishment of their Jeel card within minutes. This streamlined process ensures hassle-free transactions, fostering a sense of independence and financial responsibility among young users.

Alternatively, with the Request Money via Link service enabled by parents, young users gain the ability to generate and send money requests to friends and family members directly from their Weyay app. This feature not only enhances convenience but also fosters financial literacy and responsible spending habits from an early age. Parents can provide consent to switch on and off this feature in the app’s settings, empowering the kids to manage their finances with guidance and supervision.

Sabeeka AlTarkait_Weyay Bank launches 2 innovative features
Sabeeka AlTarkait
Product Owner
Weyay Bank

“This milestone marks a paradigm shift in the digital banking industry for children aged 8 to 14 across Kuwait, addressing longstanding gaps in digital banking experiences for young audiences. By prioritizing transparency and parental oversight, Weyay Bank has redefined the standards of family banking, empowering children and parents alike to navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Additionally, this addition to the Jeel feature fosters financial inclusion for the youth, ensuring that they have access to digital banking services and resources.”

Jeel represents more than just a banking card, it signifies a comprehensive digital family banking solution. Young users benefit from a meticulously designed card and access to tailored financial services through their dedicated banking application. Meanwhile, parents enjoy full visibility and control over their child’s Jeel card and banking activities, ensuring peace of mind and fostering trust in their financial journey.

The introduction of Direct Money Request and Request Money Link underscores Weyay Bank’s commitment to offering curated access to banking services and promoting financial awareness from an early age. Through these features, young Jeel cardholders lay the foundation for responsible money management and informed decision-making, setting them on a path towards financial empowerment.

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