Saudi Arabia announces World’s 1st Dragon Ball Theme Park

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Qiddiya announces Dragon Ball theme park
Rep. Image | Courtesy: Dragon Ball Official

Saudi Arabia-based Qiddiya Investment Company has announced that it will be constructing the World’s only ever Dragon Ball theme park as part of its “Qiddiya” giga project.

Nestled within Qiddiya City, just 40 minutes from Riyadh, this never-seen-before anime theme park is set to become a jaw-dropping spectacle, spanning more than half a million square meters, bringing to life the most iconic storylines, moments, and characters across all sagas.

Inspired by the 7 legendary Dragon Balls, visitors can navigate seven different areas that recreate various iconic locales from the original series, such as Kame House, Capsule Corporation, and Beerus’s Planet.

According to the statement, at the park, visitors will be able to join an adventure with Goku and pals as they enjoy the world of Dragon Ball, from the very beginning of the anime all the way up through Dragon Ball Super.

The announcement comes after Qiddiya entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Toei Animation, Japan‘s leading animation company and original animators of Dragon Ball. The partnership aims to preserve and elevate the franchise, with a shared vision to fulfill visitors’ dreams of bringing Dragon Ball to the real world, and will pave the way for Qiddiya and Toei Animation to broaden their existing collaboration.

 Dragon Ball Theme Park
Courtesy: Qiddiya

Commenting on the launch, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company Abdullah Aldawood said that, “We are pleased to be partnering with Toei Animation, bringing their rich legacy of pioneering contributions to the anime industry to Qiddiya City. Dragon Ball theme park is a celebration of the diverse and vibrant world of anime, offering a unique blend of thrills, family-friendly attractions, and immersive entertainment for everyone.”

“This announcement only marks the beginning of many promising projects. The theme park embraces the City’s power of play philosophy, and solidifies our commitment to provide world-class entertainment, as a global leader in groundbreaking and diverse attractions,” Aldawood added.

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