Amazon should be investigated; CEO Jeff Bezos

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO
Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos speaking at a public event.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to stand before the Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel and admit that this company should be scrutinized. 

But and World’s richest person is also expected to support the e-commerce giant in front of legislators, who are investigating how the business practices and data gathering of leading tech giants Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple have affected smaller rivals.

“I believe Amazon should be scrutinized,” Bezos, said in written testimony released ahead of the congressional hearing.

“We should scrutinize all large institutions, whether they’re companies, government agencies, or non-profits. Our responsibility is to make sure we pass such scrutiny with flying colors.”

The CEO is expected to argue that Amazon faces fierce competition from large rivals, including Target, Costco, Kroger and Walmart, which is more than twice its size. Appearing for the first time before Congress, Bezos will showcase his company as an inspiring American “success” story, detailing challenges he faced while trying to launch the online giant in the mid-1990s.

He is also expected to defend his organization’s stand saying that “when you look in the mirror, assess the criticism, and still believe you’re doing the right thing, no force in the world should be able to move you.”

Bezos is one among several executives including Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sundar Pichai of Google and its parent firm Alphabet who would present their views in front of the anti-trust panel