Bank Nizwa launches 1st eco-friendly corporate debit card in Oman

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Oman’s leading Islamic bank, Bank Nizwa has introduced the first-of-its-kind eco-friendly corporate debit card in the Sultanate.

The newly launched cards cater to the specific needs of corporate and SME clients, providing a convenient solution for business transactions. With round-the-clock access to company accounts, smart and customizable services, and the highest levels of transparency in operations, the cards are aimed at making transactions more seamless while reducing the hassles of dealing with cash.

As per the statement, “Cardholders can enjoy multiple benefits such as cash withdrawals and deposits, secure, contactless payments at Point of Sale (POS) machines and e-commerce platforms and accessibility across a diverse network which includes OmanNet and so on.”

Khalid Al Barwani-Bank Nizwa
Khalid Al Barwani
Deputy GM – Wholesale Banking
Bank Nizwa

“Vigilant and responsive to the evolving demands of the market, Bank Nizwa has been able to identify and address the common challenges encountered by corporates when it comes to handling transactions and making payments. The new eco-friendly corporate debit card will help companies to better control and monitor expenses and gain real-time insights into their accounts. For SMEs and other corporates, transparent and accurate expense management that reduces the chances of errors or frauds is a critical factor that contributes to growth. At Bank Nizwa, we understand the unique needs of our corporate customers and are certain that the newly introduced corporate debit cards will enhance business efficiency.”

“As a bank that has been revered for providing exceptional corporate banking services, we will continue to focus on providing Shari’ah-compliant, customer-centric, and value-added solutions that benefit our clients every step of the way,” Mr. Al Barwani added.

Corporate debit cards allow for customizable transaction limits and the flexibility to enable or disable specific services. With a focus on convenience, customers can use the Bank Nizwa app to activate the card and change or reset the PIN.

Furthermore, the cards can also be personalized to showcase company branding. In addition, to incorporate end-to-end sustainability in design, the cards are eco-friendly and the welcome kit is made of seed paper.

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