Boeing 737 Max will fly again with test flights scheduled for late June

Boeing has been affected by several cancellations caused due to the COVID-19 slowdown

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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American Multinational known predominantly for its airline business, Boeing is on track to renew delivery of its much-criticized 737 MAX jets in the third quarter with reports coming in that the recertification flight for that jet will take place at the end of this month.

Boeing is looking forward to having concerned regulators on a recertification flight later this month, which would test the jet’s upgraded systems.

David Calhoun –
President & CEO, The Boeing Company

“We’ve continued to make very solid progress, and we currently expect that the necessary regulatory approvals will be obtained in time to support resumption of 737 MAX deliveries during the third quarter. Of course, the actual timing will ultimately be determined by our regulators.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said a couple of days back that it has been coordinating with Boeing as the company tries to reach recertification standards.

“The FAA is in regular contact with Boeing as the company continues its work on the 737 MAX. The manufacturer must demonstrate compliance with all certification standards. The aircraft will be cleared for return to passenger service only after the FAA is satisfied that all safety-related issues are addressed.”
FAA Statement

The 737 MAX was grounded in March 2019 when two fatal crashes killed 346 people due to a software glitch. Boeing has been trying to fix the problem which implicated in those two crashes as well as a slew of other issues. The company did resume production of the 737 MAX last month after stopping it in January.