‘Burj CEO Awards’ 2023 Winners Shine on Times Square Billboard

As the first group of 'Burj CEO Awards 2023' winners to be highlighted in Times Square, they have established a new standard for recognition and achievement in the business world.

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'Burj CEO Awards' Winners on Times Square billboard
Images by CEO Clubs Network | Edited

New York: Historic events destined to be etched in the annals of business recognition unfolded as the ‘Burj CEO Awards’ 2023 Winners from over 50 global brands graced the iconic New York Times Square billboard. They became the very first award winners to achieve the prestigious milestone of being displayed in Times Square. This event took place over three extraordinary days, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees and the global stage.

The momentous occasion was elegantly captured, with the esteemed delegates bearing witness to the Burj Awardees’ outstanding achievements coming to life on the grand canvas of Times Square. The sheer magnitude of this achievement was felt throughout the industry and beyond.

'Burj CEO Awards' Winners on Times Square billboard
CEO Clubs Network’s Team Members at New York Times Square

What set this event apart was its global reach. To ensure that it extended far and wide, a live stream was made available. Awardees and delegates from every corner of the world joined in to be part of this remarkable moment, celebrating the exceptional accomplishments of these distinguished individuals.

Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder & CEO of CEO Clubs Network stated that “CEO Clubs take immense pride to mark the Burj CEO Awards and the awardees in the history and looking forward to more and more such milestones”.

The event’s itinerary unfolded across three remarkable days. Day 1, on October 29th, commenced with a warm and welcoming dinner, setting the tone for what was to come. Day 2, October 30th, emerged as the highlight of the event, as the Burj CEO 2023 awardees took center stage on the Times Square billboard in New York, followed by a captivating New York Broadway show that added an extra layer of glamour and excitement. Day 3, on October 31st, brought the event to a close with a guided visit to the United Nations Headquarters, offering a unique opportunity for delegates to explore this global institution.

'Burj CEO Awards' Winners on Times Square billboard
Sarah Dong, CEO Clubs Network on New York Times Square billboard

This event was more than a celebration of excellence; it was a demonstration of the global reach and influence of the Burj CEO Awardees. It marked an unforgettable and prestigious milestone in their journey, one that will be celebrated for years to come. As the first award recipients to illuminate Times Square, they have set a new standard for recognition and achievement in the world of business.

What is ‘Burj CEO Awards’

The ‘Burj CEO Awards’ are a trademarked annual global business award ceremony established by the CEO Clubs Network. These awards acknowledge outstanding business leaders and organizations for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the economy, with ceremonies hosted in various countries.

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