Flowers meaning and Symbolism

Flowers have certain etiquettes associated with gifting, and they can silently convey various sentiments. Each flower and its colors have their own unique meanings. This article, prepared with the assistance of a representative from 'Flowwow Dubai', will help readers understand these nuances.

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Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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Flowers meaning and symbolism play a crucial role in many cultural and personal expressions. How do you communicate love, happiness, or sympathy for someone? The answer lies in presenting flowers. Luxurious roses, delicate tulips, and aristocratic hydrangeas can eloquently convey your emotions without uttering a single word.

But before you give a bouquet of flowers, it is worth studying what they mean in the language of floral etiquette. Let’s understand how to give flowers to your beloved so that she/he understands you half-heartedly.

The instructions given by the senior flower Expert of Flowwow Dubai, a leading firm in the field, will surely enlighten us on the meaning of flowers and their culture.

Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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Flowers meaning and symbolism

Type, variety, and shade of flower in floristry have their own meaning. Let’s explore the main “talking” flower arrangements.

Red flowers: passion and love

Scarlet roses, burgundy peonies, bright red anthuriums in a bouquet speak of the closest and most passionate relationships. Excellent warm up feelings at a distance, but inappropriate if you have not yet fully clarified the relationship between you or you are only at the stage of courtship.

Pink flowers: tenderness and romance

Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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A great solution for first dates and easy flirting: pink roses, gerberas, gypsophila, delicate alstroemeria will delicately remind the young person that you are interested in her.

White flowers: purity and innocence

A universal solution in the gift of a young girl with whom you are not too close. This is a good gift for a daughter, sister, friend, and if you give such a bouquet to your beloved – it can be a hint of a soon wedding.

Orange flowers: energy and warmth

Orange is not an easy, not all suitable color, emphasizing the bright individuality of a young person, her creative, artistic nature. Such bouquets seem to charge with their energy and strength.

Yellow flowers: joy and friendship

Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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Yellow roses, chrysanthemums and gerberas as a gift to a loved one can promise a speedy separation and cooling of relations. But a gift to a friend, acquaintance, colleague, this gift demonstrates your favor and friendship.

Purple flowers: mystery and elegance

An unusual solution – flowers of purple, violet and crimson shades. Usually they speak of admiration for the recipient, recognition of her extravagance. But in a relationship you can have anything: it is not yet clear.

Selecting a bouquet and delivery

Take into account her preferences

If your lady of the heart likes tiger lilies or tea roses, go ahead and give them.

Take into account the peculiarities of the event or occasion

Do not give an unsightly, modest bouquet for an important holiday, and vice versa – without a special occasion to send a luxurious basket of roses with delivery. The gift should be commensurate with the occasion.

Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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Size and style of the bouquet

A beautiful, spectacular bouquet does not necessarily have to be bulky. You can win the girl over with the exoticism of the bouquet or the boldness of the design. And the bouquet itself should be such that it was pleasant and comfortable to keep at home.

Bouquet delivery

Delivery conditions are the most important factor when ordering flowers online. The task of the service is to offer conditions that are as convenient as possible for the recipient, i.e. you or the girl herself. It is useful to be able to track the courier’s path or communicate with him via chat in the app.

When and where to give flowers?

On a romantic date.

A girl is more likely to expect a bouquet from you if you are meeting one-on-one for the first time. The bouquet should be small, light in color, not too flashy and extravagant.

Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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On a special holiday or birthday

Here it is especially important to demonstrate that you know what to please the girl, what she likes. You need an individual approach, a composition in her favorite shades and only those varieties of flower that she likes.

At random moments – to show attention and care

These gifts please the most: really unexpected, without any reason, creating a special mood and reminding that someone is thinking about you. Such surprises can not be written off as a polite formality: it is a sign that you care about the girl.

Questions and Answers

What is the right way to give a girl flowers?

According to floral etiquette, flowers are given with the left hand, and the right hand is given for a handshake. Be sure to say a few kind words while handing flowers. A compliment will do, but not a formal one.

Flowers meaning and Symbolism
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What to say when giving flowers?

Whatever you say, let it be sincere words that you will say only to this person. Remember something you have in common, think about how the recipient of the bouquet is different from all other people.

What flowers speak of love?

If you have not yet confessed your love, pink roses are suitable, if you have already established a close relationship between you – you can give scarlet roses or orchids.

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