CASHIN KSA and Fils to redefine climate action in financial sector

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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CASHIN KSA_Fils partnership
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CASHIN KSA, a prominent POS and digital payments fintech in the region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Fils, a pioneering force in climate-positive transactions, have forged a transformative partnership aimed at revolutionizing the financial landscape with sustainability at its core.

CASHIN KSA and Fils have joined forces to redefine the approach to climate action in the financial sector. This groundbreaking alliance will empower CASHIN KSA’s extensive network of merchants across the kingdom, comprising a significant share of the market, to integrate Fils’s enterprise-grade payments platform.

Through this collaboration, merchants will gain the ability to accurately track their environmental impact, mitigate their carbon footprint with high-quality carbon credits, and transparently report their progress.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for Fils, which, following its successful ventures with other market leaders in the region, is now expanding its footprint in Saudi Arabia. By leveraging CASHIN KSA’s extensive market reach and established presence, Fils is primed to accelerate its growth trajectory and advance its mission of embedding climate positivity into every transaction.

Nameer Khan_CASHIN KSA & Fils partnership
Nameer Khan
CEO – Fils

“Our collaboration with CASHIN KSA underscores our commitment to advancing sustainability in the financial sector and aligns perfectly with our mission to empower businesses to embed climate action into their operations. Together, we are not only driving positive environmental change but also supporting the climate goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.”

Moreover, this collaboration underscores CASHIN KSA’s commitment to environmental stewardship and aligns with the kingdom’s ambitious climate goals outlined in Vision 2030. By embracing sustainability as a cornerstone of its operations, CASHIN KSA is not only championing climate action but also contributing to Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a sustainable and dynamic nation.

Omar AlRammah, CEO of CASHIN KSA, said that, “This partnership exemplifies the company’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. Our collaboration with Fils marks a significant step forward in our journey towards a more sustainable future. By integrating Fils’s cutting-edge technology into our payments infrastructure, we are advancing our commitment to environmental responsibility and paving the way for a greener financial ecosystem.”

As CASHIN KSA and Fils embark on this transformative journey, they remain steadfast in their pledge to drive sustainability, foster innovation, and dismantle barriers to climate action. Together, they aim to catalyze positive change, not only in the financial sector but also in society at large, by creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for generations to come.

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