Top-notch performance; EXEED TXL grabs ‘5-Star Plus’ safety rating

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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EXEED TXL safety rating

The EXEED TXL has received a ‘Five-Star Plus’ safety rating with a combined score of 93.6 percent in the second batch of China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) evaluation results released by China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) in 2020, making it the highest score for crash evaluation of intermediate SUV since the implementation of the latest rules.

The fact that TXL has received such a high score in the harsh third-party crash test is inseparable from EXEED’s R&D in vehicle safety. EXEED TXL safety rating is an acknowledgment for the advantage of its safety technology that surpasses premium luxury vehicles.

It integrates 21 high-tech intelligent assistance driving functions covering a variety of use scenarios to build an all-round safety protection circle for users, thus truly realizing the development concept of “putting people first” in terms of safety, which is also the experience of EXEED’s brand connotation of “Surpassing”.

Safety configurations of EXEED TXL

Built on M3X Mars architecture, which relies on the top five global R&D centers and cooperates with world-class suppliers Magna, EXEED TXL is built based on a 23-year proven forward R&D system, including four core modules of safety, intelligence, comfort, and power, among which the safety module is the first element of its high-end brand construction.

During the manufacturing stage, EXEED TXL remains committed to the highest safety standards and makes great efforts in the selection of materials above all. The proportion of high-strength steel used in the TXL body reaches 70 percent, and the tensile strength of ultra-high strength steel reaches 1,500 MPa, which can withstand a top-pressure load of 10 tons, which is equivalent to the load in stacking and tumbling of five vehicles in its class.

EXEED TXL smart assistance

Due to its ultra-high strength cage body design, TXL can ensure that the vehicle is not deformed to effectively protect the occupants from collisions and crushing even in the face of various collisions and rollovers, and other extreme situations.

Moreover, TXL adopts an extensive use of double-sided galvanized steel plate, with a usage rate of up to 54 percent, which can effectively prevent corrosion and directly extend the service life of the steel.

In terms of structural design, EXEED TXL adopts Benteler chassis + ultra-low centroid, which can achieve an ultra-short braking distance of 36.5 meters comparable to that of BBA, thus effectively reducing rear-end accidents and collisions in case of sudden braking.

EXEED TXL safety rating

In addition to excellence in material selection and vehicle body structure, EXEED TXL further improves active or passive safety performance through intelligent technology configuration. Equipped with an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) with up to 21 functions, EXEED TXL has achieved the L2.5 intelligent driving.

Specifically, functions such as lane departure intervention system, automatic emergency braking (AEB), and adaptive cruise control (ACC) are the most comprehensive intelligent driving configuration in its class.

According to the statement, “In addition, four functions such as door opening warning, rear-end warning and vehicle anti-roll are the leading equipment in its class, and combined with Bosch’s latest ESP 9.3 system and high-definition 360° panoramic image, EXEED TXL is not only able to make the rapid response to the maximum extent before an accident occurs but also can make it possible to have an all-round view of the surroundings of the vehicle.”

EXEED TXL safety rating

Additionally, the EXEED TXL is equipped with a door opening alert (DOA) (external) and door opening warning (DOW), which can monitor the rear incoming traffic and alert when the door is about to open in the parked state, thus avoiding collision accidents.

Furthermore, TXL is equipped with a close vehicle warning (CVW) that can detect the risk of rear-end accidents in driving and parking. Once the danger is detected, it will give a visual alarm to the rear with double flashing lights, and give voice and text reminders to the driver, thus reducing the possibility of rear-end accidents.

EXEED TXL 5-star plus rating

TXL includes the roll movement intervention (RMI) function of vehicles, which can prevent the vehicle from rollover by braking each wheel independently when driving with steep turns.

In addition to active and passive protection during driving, EXEED also penetrates its understanding of safety into the whole process of driving and riding.

TXL also boasts an intelligent safe cabin. In the face of harsh atmospheric environments such as smog, the oxygen bar level triple purification self-cleaning cabin composed of PM0.3 filter element + AQS + negative ion generator, can always maintain good air quality inside the vehicle.

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