FCA highlights efforts undertaken to ensure service quality

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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UAE Federal Customs Authority (FCA) Chairman and Commissioner for Customs, Ali Saeed Matar Alneyadi confirmed the commitment of the Authority and UAE towards the quality and government excellence standards of the customs sector.

He also stressed on the implementation of best international practices for upgrading services and the achievement of UAE projects and initiatives in international competitiveness metrics concerning global competition.

Mr. Alneyadi, on the occasion of World Quality Day celebration, clarified that a comprehensive framework was put in place by the Authority and local customs departments to ensure the quality of services, productivity, financial and human efficiency, in addition to strengthening the culture of creation and innovation in the employees.

Ali Saeed Matar Alneyadi
Ali Saeed Matar Alneyadi

“Our commitment to implementing quality standards and principles of government excellence has ensured positive results in performance and productivity in the UAE customs sector. The sector’s contribution increased the support of the security and stability systems witnessed by the UAE community, due to increased control at ports, and the ban on jeopardizing commercial practices. The contribution of the customs sector increased the support and facilitation of commerce through governance, and simplified customs procedures till the total gross non-oil foreign trade by the end of 2019 rose to more than AED1.7 trillion.”

Ahmad Abdulla Bin Lahej Alfalasy, Director-General of FCA, stated, “In the Federal Customs Authority we believe in work quality and corporate excellence to achieve work entrepreneurship. We anticipate improving the working of the Customs to reach the highest international levels through creation and innovation which is recognized as one of the most important international references for governments to improve its efficiency. We are always keen to spread the culture of innovation and creation, continuous learning and improving the working methods to score the first position in international rankings.”

Mr. Alfalasy added that the number of quality certificates received by the Authority in previous years was six in categories like quality control, complaints, feedback, customer satisfaction, risk management, job sustainability and protection of information. He noted that the Authority successfully adopted six international practices and 112 internal procedures during the implementation of the Quality and Government Excellence Package, which led to the enhancement of the work environment and the rapid execution of projects.

He further added that the implementation by the Authority and the local customs departments of quality and government excellence standards, in cooperation with the Federal and Local Governments, contributed to strengthening the UAE’s role in the “ease of doing business” indicator affiliated to the World Bank. In 2020, the UAE rose from 77th place to 16th globally, making the country an international trade and business center.