Union Permits reviews; Citizenship of Slovenia by repatriation

Clients reviews about Union Permits. Overview of different ways of immigration to Slovenia. Analyzing of real experience of cooperation with Unionpermits.com

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Union Permits reviews, obtaining citizenship in Slovenia

Union Permits is a legal organization that helps immigrants obtain citizenship in European Union countries. According to numerous Internet reviews, it has established itself as a reputable and reliable company. Many people use its services and actively seek EU citizenship to enjoy all the benefits it offers.

To find out why this company is so popular among immigrants, let us examine what advantages it brings over its competitors. The official website of Union Permits lists such strength of this organization:

Official cooperation;
Experienced lawyers;
Support at every stage of relocation;
Individual approach;
Complete confidentiality and personal data protection.

Individual approach and support at every stage of obtaining EU citizenship are the main advantages of Union Permits, according to reviews. The lawyers analyze each client’s case, advise on the most suitable options and help with every step of the European passport acquiring process.

Citizenship programs in Slovenia

According to Internet reviews, Slovenia is an EU country that is both highly developed and great for relocation. The cost of living in this state is fairly low and the quality-of-life index is very high. There are many immigration programs to this state and the most popular of them are the following:

1. Repatriation;
2. Naturalization.

Citizenship of Slovenia by Repatriation
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Repatriation is the most convenient way to obtain citizenship. To apply, you need to prove your ethnicity. For example, if your direct ancestor was Slovenian (maximum 4 generations), you can find their identity documents (e.g. birth certificate). You should then submit them to Upravna Enota (administrative unit in that country) for application and, eventually, citizenship of that state. This method is the quickest and simplest, according to Union Permits reviews.

Naturalization is the most common way to obtain a Slovenian passport but less attractive than repatriation. First, you should reside on the territory of this state for 5 years with a temporary residence permit under certain legal conditions (work, study etc.). Then you can acquire PRP and, after years of constant residence (amount can vary from different immigration programs, which will be listed below), you can try to apply for citizenship. This is the longest immigration process, according to reviews.

Timeframe for obtaining citizenship in Slovenia

Citizenship of Slovenia by Repatriation
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Repatriation is the fastest path to Slovenian citizenship. In most cases, it takes up to 2 years to acquire passport this way. According to Union Permits reviews, with the help of this immigration company this procedure can be completed in less than 9 months.

To compare repatriation with other relocation methods, the time frames for obtaining Slovenian citizenship through alternative programs are listed below:

• Business immigration: 7 years (5 – using temporary residence permit, 2 – using permanent one);
• Family reunification: 7 – 10 years (same as naturalization procedure for non-EU citizens, but you can obtain citizenship after using RP for 5 years and PRP for 2);
• Ordinary naturalization: 10 years (5 – using temporary residence permit, 5 – using permanent one).

Repatriation can help you gain Slovenian passport much faster, than other immigration programs. Some reviews about Union Permits confirm obtaining citizenship in less than 9 months using their experts help.

Union Permits reviews

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To find out more about the effectiveness of the repatriation method and the legal help of Union Permits lawyers, it is worth checking out clients’ reviews. The following ones, found on the Internet, are relevant to our needs.

I’ve been obtaining Slovenian citizenship by repatriation with Union Permits lawyers for 9 months. They had prognosed 8 months when I had a consultation with them. They were gathering my documents for too long (finding proof of my Slovenian grounds took 1,5 months!). They got my docs and submitted them to upravna enota. They called me once in two weeks to tell about results and answer all my questions. I took oath and registered Slovenian passport with lawyers’ help. It was nice cooperating with them, but the process of document gathering could be faster. Alem D’souza, 28, UAE, Sharjah.

This Union Permits review provides more information about the services offered by this company. Lawyers provide consultations, assist in document collection and support throughout the repatriation processes.

Cooperation with Union Permits was very nice. Chose them because of positive reviews. I wanted to start my new life with children in EU. At consultation lawyers told that I have a chance to get passport of Slovenia. Consultation was free but it was not good to talk on the phone. It would be better to talk in office. But there is no office in Delhi. Lawyer predicted 9 months to get citizenship in Slovenia. He gave all important information about immigration. Soon we will start gathering documents together. Laila Suresh, 31, India, New-Delhi.

Citizenship of Slovenia by Repatriation
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In this review about Union Permits we noted that this company does not have an office in New-Delhi, which was not very convenient for the client. However, the free consultation was informative, and the expert’s high level of competence was appreciated.

I wanted to run restaurant business in EU. To avoid risks of rejection and deportation, I asked Union Permits for help. Most of the clients’ reviews were positive, and they provide confidentiality. That’s why I chose them. Lawyers helped me obtain Slovenian citizenship in 7 months. Experts did a great job, but there was no option of communication using private anonymous messengers, like Jabber. That wasn’t good, but still I got my citizenship and right to run a restaurant in EU. I am thankful to Union Permits.Hadil Benayoun, 34, Morocco, Casablanca.

The client in this Union Permits review confirms, that people choose this company by checking other immigrants’ statements. Despite the fact that the lawyers could not communicate via private messengers, they provided all the legal assistance needed to fulfil the client’s ambitions to run a business in the EU.


Citizenship of Slovenia by Repatriation
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Among other immigration programs, repatriation is the fastest. This procedure is supported by many EU countries, including Slovenia, which is one of the most popular states to settle in Europe. Union Permits, like many other immigration companies, helps to avoid the risks of rejection during the repatriation process. As it was noted in the reviews, the company’s lawyers do not always do a perfect job. They sometimes spend a long time searching for the necessary documents in archives and do not use private messengers. Nevertheless, Union Permits’ clients successfully obtain EU citizenship and are grateful for the legal assistance provided.

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