Google Lens gets a new look; Reflects its camera functionality

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Desk Reporter
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Google Lens, an image recognition technology developed by Google, has reportedly updated its logo third time since the app was initially launched in 2017.

The new logo is rectangular and in the shape of a camera, and it matches the color scheme of the Google family. The current logo has a stark difference compared to the outgoing logos for Google Lens.

The new logo is currently available on the Google app for Android beta testers, and it will soon be available for the standalone Lens app and other Google products.

According to the reports, “The color blue takes dominance on the logo, swathed over the central lens, the top-left corner, and the viewfinder/flash. Red is the second most dominant color in that bottom-right corner and has yellow between blue and red over the bottom-left corner. Green takes up a very little portion of the whole logo on the top-right corner.”

The previous two logos carried the same color scheme, but they were designed in a minimalistic square format with rounded edges.

Earlier this week, Google Lens for Android introduced a new feature, giving a gallery mode that makes it easier to find photos and screenshots inside the app. The photo gallery on the app can be viewed by tapping the button on the left of the shutter.

It appears on a smartphone to display all recent images, with screenshots taking precedence over other images. The gallery displays the most recent eight screenshots at first glance and also has a button marked View All to open the folder containing the screenshots or images.

Furthermore, Google had earlier announced that is going to ban some cookies on its Chrome browser to improve and increase user privacy.

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