Germany’s DFS Aviation Services to supply air traffic control systems to dans

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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dans & DFS Aviation partnership
Mr. Andreas Pötzsch & Mr. Ibrahim Ahli at agreement signing ceremony

Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) has signed a contract with DFS Aviation Services (DAS) of Germany for the supply of air traffic control systems that will improve the capabilities and quality standards of the city’s airspace.

The flexible and scalable digital platform provides comprehensive tools for tower and approach controllers to safely and efficiently manage traffic flow in Dubai and the Northern Emirates airspace. The platform also supports the sequencing of departing aircraft.

The deal involves the delivery of an Electronic Flight Strip System (EFS) to assist tower air traffic controllers in the management of arriving and departing aircraft, as well as an Information Management System (IMS) for the approach center.

The IMS provides all internal and external stakeholders with relevant information, such as weather data or an aerial and ground position display of radar targets, quickly and easily. The contract ensures operations continue at all times with high quality and consistent capacity, further strengthening technological efficiency in managing air traffic in Dubai.

Mr. Ibrahim Ahli, Deputy CEO of dans said that “This deal will help us to advance the air traffic management to enable the vision of making Dubai the most desirable city to be visited around the world, and a global Aviation and economic hub. This is a crucial step towards strengthening technological efficiency in managing our air traffic by delivering the most innovative solution for future demand.”

Mr. Andreas Pötzsch, Managing Director of DFS Aviation Services GmbH (DAS), stated that the supply of two important systems for the ANSP’s system network will ensure operations continue at all times with high quality and consistent capacity. As a certified ATM provider, DAS controls air traffic at several airports in Germany along with selling products and services related to Air Traffic Control to ATM organizations, airports, airlines and aviation authorities all over the world.

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