GM unveils new brand logo, campaign to highlight EV future

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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American multinational vehicle manufacturer General Motors (GM) has unveiled a  new corporate logo as part of their latest campaign to accelerate the automaker’s focus on electric vehicles (EVs).

GM is changing its old square blue logo and replacing it with a lower case “gm” surrounded by rounded corners. It’s the largest change to its logo since 1964, the company said. The “m” in the new GM logo is a reference to the shape of an electrical plug.

Deborah Wahl, GM global chief marketing officer said, “The new logo will go wherever GM now has a logo, including websites and buildings.”

GM Logos
Old logo (left), the new logo of GM (right)

GM’s Campaign

The latest campaign involves a previously planned investment of $27 billion in EV and autonomous vehicles (AV) and the launch of 30 new EVs by the end of 2025. Furthermore, the new campaign will reflect its ambitious vision for the future. The campaign comes as stock market investors are fascinated with firms that make electric vehicles.

Deborah Wahl
Deborah Wahl
Global CMO – GM

“There are moments in history when everything changes, Inflection points. We believe such a point is upon us for the mass adoption of electric vehicles. We felt it was just such a transformative moment that this is the time that we would change again. Our message here is that we believe there should be an EV for everyone. The “Everybody In” campaign prepares buyers for a new era of vehicle propulsion.”

Ms. Wahl commented the promotional campaign would be “very significant,” but she didn’t reveal how much money would be invested or when it would appear. She said the campaign will begin in the US, and then it will go global.

GM further added that it would launch a new website on January 11 that will focus on the automaker’s work across electrification and autonomous driving.