IHC makes ownership transfer of its 4 green businesses to Sirius

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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IHC businesses ownership transfer to Sirius
Rep.Image | Courtesy: IHC

International Holding Company (IHC), the global diversified Abu Dhabi-based conglomerate, has transferred four of its key ‘green businesses’ to Sirius International Holding, an IHC subsidiary.

Sirius will leverage disruptive technologies to engineer ‘sustainability solutions’ that combat climate change, and with a dedication to driving digital transformation through investments.

Sirius will harness industrial and technological solutions for de-carbonization, methane capture and reduction, clean energy efficiency, and water recovery and efficiency, as a catalyst to positive change and diminishing environmental impact.

Syed Basar Shueb_IHC Ownership transfer to Sirius
Syed Basar Shueb CEO & MD

“The transfer of these four entities sharpens our focus on future growth and further enables disciplined asset allocation, aligning with our strategic plan to foster the expansion of Sirius International Holding.”

The ownership transfer will include Green Energy Investment Holding RSC LTD, Green Enterprise Investment Holding RSC LTD, Green Vitality LTD and IHC 80 percent ownership of Rebound Limited. The transaction represents the completion of an expected milestone, as part of International Holding Company plans of growing Sirius International Holding into one of its key subsidiaries, along with the other 8 listed subsidiaries listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Stock Exchange.

Sirius’ comprehensive approach encompasses a transformative journey into a digitally interconnected world, empowering Governments, businesses and communities to excel through groundbreaking technological innovations.

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