Silal & Red Sea Farms to deploy innovative agritech solutions for farmers

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Officials from Silal and Red Sea Farms at the signing event.

Abu Dhabi’s fresh produce and agritech company Silal has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia-based agriculture technology company Red Sea Farms to implement advanced agritech solutions that enable farmers to grow crops in greenhouses while conserving up to 95 percent of water and maximizing sunlight.

“As part of the deal, Red Sea Farms will install their cooling systems in Silal’s contracted farms to compare them with the current practice of cooling greenhouses and assess the benefits of Red Sea Farms’ technologies based on water and energy efficiency, yield improvement, climate control performance, and commercial viability,” the company said.

This agreement is part of Silal’s efforts to expand alliances that use technology to assist farmers in order to enhance productivity and sustainability.

Under this deal, Silal will utilize the full range of Red Sea Farms’ technologies, which were specifically designed and developed in the region to improve desert crop production in challenging environments like the UAE.

Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri
Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri
CEO – Silal

“At Silal, we are keen to work with our partners and evaluate the latest agritech solutions to boost technology-enabled production of local fresh produce and reduce the impact on natural resources such as water. Minimizing dependence on freshwater to cool greenhouses remains one of the challenges facing farmers and crop growers in Abu Dhabi, and this agreement reiterates our commitment to empowering our contracted farmers and introducing them to the new technologies that increase their sustainability and profitability. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with Red Sea Farms to improve local farmers’ energy and water efficiency.”

Mr. Ryan Lefers, Co-Founder at Red Sea Farms said, “Red Sea Farms would like to congratulate Silal on being the first in the UAE to introduce our unique technology that has been designed and developed in the region.”

“Water is a scarce resource in the region, and our approach which uses salt-water and maximizes controlled use of sunlight makes farming more sustainable in the country. We are looking forward to this being the start of a valued and enduring partnership with Silal,” Mr. Lefers added.

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